Mumps, what is it?

Parotitis, more commonly well-known as “mumps”, is acontagious viral disease that influence one or bothparotid glands(major outstanding glands) situated behind the ascending rami the themandible. The is brought about by the mumps virus and also typically affect children and also teenagers, although that may also cause infections in perceptible adults. In general, the condition produces lifetime immunity, and also it may be prevent by the administration of thecombined MMR vaccine. Mumps may influence other glands in the body, thecentral concerned systemand thetesticles.

Which room the most frequent complications through mumps? can mumps cause male infertility?

The most constant complications aremeningitisandtesticular inflammationwhich may lead toinfertility.

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This inflammation the the testicle is additionally known together mumps orchitis. That is not an extremely frequent, affecting 1 every million inhabitants per year amongst the basic population.

What space the mumps symptoms?

20% to 30% of instances are asymptomatic and also the infection deserve to only be detected by the presence of antitoxin in the blood. The initial symptoms of mumps are:

headache, feeling typically unwell, occasional heat of no an ext than 38 °C and also jaw pain, particularly when touched. These symptoms show up slightly prior to the start of inflammation and facial swelling, brought about by the enlargement that the glands.

The procedure generally starts in the parotids, which carry out not normally both boost in dimension at the very same time. The sublingual and also submandibular outstanding glands may subsequently be affected, with rise in pain and also oedema. This condition not only affects the outstanding glands: it may also affect the pancreas, thetesticles(orchitisaffects 25-40 per cent of males who have actually completed puberty) and theovaries.

The incubation period lasts in between 18 and 21 days. Symptoms include general malaise through an unpleasant emotion in the throat, caused by the enlargement of the parotids and also a dry mouth, due to the fact that the cheap of saliva is reduced. In teenagers, that may become more complicated when the testicles room affected. Complete recovery is the norm, however in some situations it maylead toatrophyof the testicle, with subsequent sterility

Mumps orchitis, anti-sperm antibodies and infertility


Orchitis second to mumps is thought about the most evident complication of mumps and also it is a frequent cause of infertility. Pathological examinations based on testicular biopsies the patients v orchitis due to epidemic mumps have actually revealed variable degrees of permanent damages to the seminiferous tubules, with oedema, perivascular lymphocytic infiltration and diffuse infiltration the interstitial tissue with focal haemorrhage particularly in acute cases. A rapid recruitment that leucocytes takes location in the testes and also the instrument of infertility have not been fully understood, particularly the authorized of anti-sperm antibodies.

Antisperm antibodiesas mumps consequence

It is generally accepted that anti-sperm antibodies may be a aspect that negative affects fertility ~ orchitis fan to a complication of this virus and there are miscellaneous hypotheses concerning the instrument responsible because that this condition:

rupture of the blood-testis obstacle followed through sperm filtration and immunological sensitization come sperm antigens,behaviour of the virus together an immunogen, i m sorry induces the manufacturing of anti-sperm antibodies;immunological similarity in between the virus and the spermatozoa.

Impact approaches

The association between anti-sperm antibodies and inflammation the the testicles brought about by the mumps virus poses two key questions:

Does mumps orchitis cause the breakthrough of anti-sperm antibodies, i m sorry may impact fertility in men?Does orchitis second to famous mumps add antibodies to the all at once group the “natural” anti-sperm antibodies?

Only two retrospective studies analyse the possible link in between the production of anti-sperm antibodies and also mumps orchitis and moreover they carry out not control to contribute convincing elements concerning whether mumps orchitis might induce the manufacturing of systemic anti-sperm antibodies. No of them is able come show any kind of reference come the task of the anti-sperm antibodies at the start of the illness, because anti-sperm antibodies are periodically detected in fertile individuals although they have actually a short incidence and also serum levels of little significance.

The presence of herbal anti-sperm antibodies in abundant human beings and also even in virgin girls and prepubescent boys has actually led to boosted interest regarding their origin. The differences according to age in patients with herbal antibodies against autoantigens and antibodies against exogenous antigens have actually been fine established: whilst the frequency the antibodies against autoantigens increases gradually in people of middle-age and also above, antibodies versus exogenous antigens show up early, reach a maximum before puberty and then decrease slowly. In conclusion, both the incidence and the typical levels of serum anti-sperm antibodies amongst patients with orchitis secondary to viral mumps to be low and also they did no increase considerably after the disease. This findings perform not strengthen the theory of an enhanced humoral immunity versus spermatozoa ~ mumps orchitis and also they do not show a clear duty of this entity in the formation of herbal anti-sperm antibodies.

Treatment and prevention

From the suggest of check out of urological complications, therapy is symptomatic and a great differential diagnosis need to be performed. The scrotum have to be sustained using ajockstrapso the the testicles execute not hang. The usage of analgesics is recommended, as is rest. In the occasion of intense pain, codeineormeperidine may be taken, or alocal anaestheticwithprocainemay it is in injected in thespermatic cord.

Thecombined MMR vaccineprotects againstmeasles, mumps andrubella, and a single dose of the vaccine should be given to children between 12 and also 15 months of age, together a method ofprevention, i m sorry providesactive immunity. The vaccination is recurring according come the applicable vaccine schedule.

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Dr Luís Prieto,director that urology in ~ theInstituto Bernabeu

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