Admission chest X-ray showing an enlarged heart dimension in a patient who consumed four power drinks day-to-day for two years, causing hospitalization. (BMJ situation Reports)

TORONTO -- A new case study describes a rare instance of significant heart fail in a 21-year-old guy after that drank multiple energy drinks day-to-day for two years — revealing the potential risks of excessive consumption of this beverages.

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The case study, published in BMJ instance Reports on Thursday, describes the unusual case of a U.K. Guy who was very first admitted to hospital v shortness of breath and also a swelling in the abdomen.

After he to be inspected by doctors, he was quickly found to be suffering kidney failure, and was unable to fully empty his bladder, the instance study says. Once doctors investigated further, they discovered that in both of his kidneys, urine was unable to drainpipe into the bladder.

While the was evident that he was in require of surgery, what to be less noticeable was the reason of his condition. The told doctors that he had been suffering progressively much shorter breath end the past four months, and weight loss and also a general feeling the unwellness.

He additionally had felt for this reason ill end the last 3 months that it had disrupted his college studies.

“There was no far-ranging past medical history and family background was not suspicious because that cardiomyopathy or suddenly cardiac death,” the case report stated. “He was an ex-smoker, having actually stopped three years earlier.”

He additionally did no consume alcohol or use drugs, the told doctors.

However, he explained that the did consume energy drinks ~ above the regular. Specifically, he had been downing “an mean of four 500 mL cans every day for about two years.”

The drink had roughly 160 mg that caffeine each.

“Retrospectively, the patience recalls occasional symptom of dyspepsia, tremor and a gyeongju heartbeat yet without seeking medical review,” the instance study stated.

In a statement provided with the case study, the patient, who is not established by name, wrote that once he was no consuming these power drinks, the would experience “from serious migraine headaches.”

The situation worsened after physicians attempted to treat the worries with his kidneys. When there was small improvement in his renal function, physicians examined him further, and discovered he was “in decompensated cardiac failure”, which way some adjust in his heart was interfering v its capacity to pump or accept blood. Fluids were likewise building increase in his knees and abdomen.

A chest X-ray confirmed that his heart was enlarged, and an ultrasound discovered both his kidneys and also liver were enlarged together well.

According come the instance study, the instance was dire, and he was required to the ICU of another hospital to get more committed care.

The patient stated that “the experience was extremely traumatizing,” partly since he was experiencing from delirium and also memory issues, an interpretation he would wake in the ICU v no idea why he was there.

Doctors theorized that he had actually been suffering low cardiac calculation for months.

“Given the background of chronic energy drink consumption, lack of significant past medical or family members history, cardiac imaging result and improvement with ceasing intake, energy drink-induced cardiotoxicity to be felt to be the most most likely cause,” the situation report stated.

The 21-year-old was at some point discharged indigenous hospital 58 job after he originally came in v his secret symptoms. Although the is top top the repair now, he will need to have recurring cardiology, renal and urology follow-ups, and also doctors suspect he might require “future bladder reconstruction” and possible a kidney transplant at some point.

He is now preventing energy drinks, the situation report stated, other doctors think is contributing to his boosted heart function.

This is much from the only example of a human landing in hospital after spend too numerous energy drinks, however research top top the object still stays scarce. The instance report discussed two other instances of world in your 20s who proficient heart fail or damages following chronic usage of these drinks.

“I think there need to be an ext awareness about energy drink and the impact of their contents,” the patient proclaimed in the report. “I believe they are an extremely addictive and also far too accessible to young children. I think warning labels, comparable to smoking, must be make to show the potential threats of the ingredient in power drink.”

Why drinking too plenty of energy drinks can cause heart difficulties is tho not fully understood, yet doctors believe the high level of caffeine in energy drinks can play a role.

“Energy drink are additionally known to rise blood pressure,” the instance report added, saying the this could lead to concerns with blood travel through the body, possibly contributing to heart failure.

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“Further research study is necessary to recognize susceptibility factors, the safe amount of power drink consumption and underlying instrument of toxicity,” the instance study said.