It is a well-known reality that men need enough testosterone levels for healthy and balanced sexual function, but did you know also women require enough testosterone to function normally? Testosterone levels carry out a variety of jobs in the body outside of regulating libido. Testosterone is crucial for to move growth, immunity, and also a healthy nervous system. 

Many researchers and also doctors global are recognizing the deficiency the testosterone in chronic ache patients. Because of its integral role in pains control and management, testosterone treatment is quickly ending up being a mandatory element in the therapy of chronic pain. Let’s research low testosterone’s relationship with chronic pain and also explore the countless benefits linked with low-T therapy.

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What Is Testosterone Therapy?

When most people hear the word “testosterone,” they tend to think the the common misconception equating the chemistry to a male hormone provided for erectile duty and libido. However, the is only one of the multitudinous work of testosterone.

Adequate testosterone levels are just as critical in ladies as they are in men. Without healthy and balanced testosterone, the body fails to control pain adequately. Testosterone deficiency additionally leads to depression, lack of motivation, lethargy, sluggishness, and also poor sleep.

This shortage is where testosterone therapy or low-T therapy becomes relevant. Low-T treatment comes in a range of forms, consisting of hormone replacement treatment (HRT), skin patches, or even oral medication. If your physician finds you have actually low testosterone levels, identified as much less than 300 nanograms per deciliter, then they may recommend testosterone injections.

Can low Testosterone reason Muscle Pain?

Hormonal imbalances, such together testosterone deficiency, can cause joint and also muscle pain. Testosterone treatment can aid to relieve pain linked with Low-T.

Other symptoms of short Testosterone

Here space some other common symptoms of testosterone deficiency:

Diminished sex driveExcessive fatigue and reduced energy levelsInfertilityDepressionAnxiety Unusual chest enlargement Erectile dysfunctionSudden load gainLoss of body and facial hairLoss of bone densityDifficulty concentrating Low sense of well-being

If your chronic pain is attach by any of these issues as well, you are much more likely to have actually low testosterone levels. However, friend cannot specifically determine a short testosterone condition by identifying symptoms. The only sure method for diagnosing short testosterone is to experience a program blood test under the supervision the a doctor. That is command to look for a medical professional immediately, as low testosterone can reason reduced bone mass, which is attention in combination with chronic pain.

Is Testosterone Therapy ideal for Me?

If you display several signs of short testosterone and also your blood test suggests a deficiency the the chemical, climate a doctor will prescribe a kind of testosterone therapy. At Lewis Interventional pain & Regenerative Medicine, we have efficiently treated hundreds of chronic pains patients with the assist of testosterone therapy. Numerous patients found lasting relief from their debilitating pain, many thanks to testosterone injections. 

If you are wondering even if it is testosterone for pain relief is a great option for you, inquiry a clinical consultation v Lewis Interventional pain & Regenerative medication today. If our doctors find you room a suitable candidate because that testosterone therapy, you might be top top the course to gaining long-lasting relief for chronic pain and achieving enhanced energy levels.

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Lewis Interventional ache & Regenerative Medicine provides Testosterone Therapy

Are girlfriend exhibiting any of the symptom of low testosterone in combination with chronic pain? If so, you require to contact Lewis Interventional pain & Regenerative Medicine. Our expert staff will certainly evaluate your condition and prescribe a tradition regimen of therapies for your low testosterone. Endure the Lewis Interventional pains & Regenerative Medicine distinction today through filling out our online call form or calling us at (214) 613-0960 to schedule a consultation. We accept all significant medical insurances, consisting of Medicare, Tricare, and also more.