Rapper turn presidential candidate Kanye West will show up on the ballot in Idaho, Minnesota and Tennessee, including to five states previously verified and also Utah, after a string of failures in claims West make the efforts to qualified to run in, including Missouri, Wyoming, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, West Virginia and also Montana.

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Rapper Kanye West speaks during his meeting v President Donald Trump in ~ the White home on ... <+> October 11, 2018.

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Last week, identified West had actually made the ballot in Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and also Vermont and also a state official said the qualified in Utah.

Those nine states offer West no mathematical possibility at to win the 270 electoral votes essential to end up being president due to the fact that he to let go the filing deadline in vital states.

West turn in 1,022 proved signatures in Idaho, meeting the state’s 1,000-signature minimum requirement, Idaho Deputy Secretary of State Jason Hancock said Tuesday.

Minnesota candidate submit data mirrors West is among seven presidential candidates that will appear on the ballot.

West received more than the 275 signatures necessary to appear on the Tennessee ballot, the state’s choice coordinator note Goins evidenced to the Tennessean Tuesday, noting the the office had counties prevent verifying signatures after ~ 332 were found to be valid.

Key Background

In a current interview, it was discussed that West, who is openly bipolar, can’t victory in 2020, elevating the possibility he is running a spoiler project intended come hurt democratic nominee Joe Biden. West replied, “I’m no going come argue through you. Jesus is King.” yet a couple of hours after ~ the story was published, West tweeted, “the goal is to win.”


A Politico-Morning consult poll released August 12 found West with 2% assistance nationally. He got 2% assistance from black respondents and 4% from Hispanics. His highest support, 6%, came from Generation Z voters.

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