Speculation is structure over whether or not Vice president Joe Biden will certainly run for president in 2016. znjke.com’s Jeff Zeleny reports.

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Vice chairman Joe Biden answers concerns at Harvard University v his normal colorful, voluntary remarks.

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john King highlights a hoax by Seth Meyers about the evil President’s plans for his future.

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US Vice president Joe Biden speaks during the Civil culture Forum in ~ the US-Africa Leader Summit in Washington, DC, august 4, 2014
in ~ the opening of every congressional session, the Vice chairman does a ceremonial swearing-in the senators. Here’s what come look front to when Vice president Biden performs his duties this afternoon.

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president Obama and Vice president Joe Biden display make a workout video clip for the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

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VP Biden jokes around social media before his remarks honoring the late James Brady at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

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The White home is frame it together a “POTUS bromance,” a “BROTUS,” if girlfriend will. znjke.com’s Jake Tapper reports.

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Vice president Joe Biden crack a joke about his mam at an event discussing the benefits of community colleges.

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Joe Biden could shake-up the democratic presidential field

But he has actually plenty to overcome if he"d choose to win Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden can run for president – however his own relationships and political chops space the only elements of a project he has in location right now.

between questions about Hillary Clinton’s authenticity, the evil president’s aides and also associates view his gaffe-prone, yet ethical reputation as an increasingly beneficial asset if he to be to jump into the 2016 autonomous race.

An opened for Biden’s candidacy is just a start, though. He’d need to construct out a crew of ar organizers and volunteers, authorize talented operatives and court local politicians’ support, and an ext – all in much much less time than Clinton and other contenders prefer Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and also former Maryland Gov. Boy name O’Malley have actually had.


“He’s a small bit behind,” claimed Tom Henderson, the democratic chairman in Polk County, the house of Des Moines.

“Most campaigns use summer to collection up ar staff and also are prepared to roll to organization in the fall,” that said. “If he waits too lot longer, it’s more than likely going come be as well late.”

yet Henderson claimed it’s still feasible for Biden to go into the gyeongju in August and build an organization that’s capable of contending in the early February Iowa caucuses through November or December.

This week, together media speculation end a Biden candidacy has actually re-ignited, the vice president is in Delaware with his family, celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday.

despite he hasn’t placed together any type of sort the presidential project committee, a group referred to as Draft Biden recently added a previous Beau Biden adviser, josh Alcorn.

Biden support (and Clinton opponent) cock Harpootlian, a previous South Carolina autonomous chairman, said he was encouraged after speaking through Alcorn.

“This is one indication that there is at the very least some desire indigenous the world that surround the (vice president) the this procedure of acquiring him into the race has escalated,” Harpootlian said Monday.