Know her Rights

If you work in, you have rights nevertheless of immigration status, nationwide origin, or country of origin.

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Learn around immigrant workers" rights and available resources v our Immigrant employees Flyer. Download in:

Workers" Rights video clip Worksite Enforcement Video

The Office the Labor plan & Standards

The room of Consumer and also Worker protection Office the Labor plan & requirements (OLPS) is"s central resource for workers. OLPS protects and promotes job standards and also policies that produce fair workplaces come ensure all workers have the right to realize your rights, nevertheless of immigrant status.

OLPS take away complaints about workplace laws and also investigate cases under those laws the City enforces, such together the paid Sick leave Law. For other issues, they affix workers to relevant government agencies, legal service providers, and resources to assist them access and safeguard their rights as well as get critical services.

Learn an ext about the Office that Labor policy & Standards, workers" rights, and also the workplace legislations the City enforces

For more information or questions about OLPS, speak to 311 or email OLPS
. human Rights Law

All new Yorkers deserve fairness and respect in the workplace. Employers cannot:

Pay workers reduced wages or no wage due to the fact that of their immigrant statusHarass or make funny of workers due to the fact that of your nationality, spiritual beliefs or attire, accent, or immigrant statusPunish employees for speak their own languageThreaten workers around calling the police since of their immigrant statusRefuse to rental someone because of your nationality, religious beliefs, attire or accent

Paid noble Leave

If your employer has actually 5 or much more employees and also you work-related at least 80 hrs per year, climate you can earn payment time off when you are sick or to treatment for a sick family member.

Learn around Paid noble Leave.


If you are treated in different ways by an employer because of what nation you come from, your immigrant status, religious beliefs, or accent, speak to 311 and say "HUMAN RIGHTS," come report it come the the supervisory board on person Rights.

It is illegal because that an employee to discriminate against you based upon your citizenship status, national origin, or other protected ground under the City human being Rights Law. One employer cannot discriminate when:

Deciding to rental or fire you;Deciding what to pay you; or make other work decisions (including promotions or discipline).

It is not illegal to refuse to rental you or fire you if you room not permitted to job-related in this country. However, that is versus city and also state law for your employer to salary you less than the minimum fairy or refuse to monitor overtime rules due to the fact that of your immigrant status. One employer likewise cannot salary you much less than other workers or treat you differently because of your immigrant status, including because you are undocumented.

Workers" Compensation

If you get hurt or disabled since of her job, you may be eligible for weekly cash payments and complimentary health care, even if you are paid in cash, “paid off the books”, paid together an live independence contractor, or no reported to the government as one employee.

Learn more at the brand-new York State Workers" Compensation plank at (800) 877-1373 or visit the Workers" Compensation plank website.

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Workforce1 career Centers

Immigrants that are allowed to work in this nation can get help from part City agencies. Workforce1 job Centers prepare and also connect qualified jobseekers come employment opportunities. Workforce1 career Centers also connect qualified individuals to job training, and provide career services workshops and career advice. Anyone 18 year or older have the right to visit a Workforce1 career Center. Please note: precious ID is forced to prove your date of birth. Instances, brand-new York State Driver"s License, bear certificate, passport, andmore.