Facebook posts: There are “22 million illegal aliens life in America and also ... Voting illegally.”

PolitiFact"s ruling: False

Here"s why: Social media users on Facebook and Instagram are share a years-old picture that wrongly insurance claims 22 million human being are not only living in the U.S. Illegally, but voting in elections.

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"I’ll tell you what a constitutional crisis is: 22 million illegal aliens living in America and also using benefits they never added to and voting illegally," the text over the image says.

The picture was flagged as component of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and also misinformation on its News Feed.

The image, which appeared on on facebook as early on as April 2019, is circulating as supporters of previous President Donald Trump continue to encourage the false narrative the the 2020 choice was steal from him. Yet the insurance claims in the image have always been inaccurate.

There is no proof that 22 million immigrants regularly vote in American elections in spite of living in the nation without legit permission, or that they did so in 2020. In fact, it’s not clear the there space even that many people living in the country illegally to begin with.

"There is no proof that there space 22 million immigrant in the U.S. Poll illegally, one of two people in 2020 or at any kind of time," stated Lorraine Minnite, an associate professor of public plan at Rutgers university in Camden. "The claim is preposterous."

No proof of extensive fraud

President Joe Biden won more votes than Trump in what local, state and federal public official affirmed to be a free and fair election missing of the extensive fraud trump claimed. 

Judges throughout the nation rejected dozens of lawsuits seeking come overturn the election, in many cases because the allegations that fraud came without the proof essential to back them up.

The photo claiming 22 million immigrants are living and voting illegally an in similar way lacks proof. 

"One would think the such claims of historic subversion in our democracy would be donate up through the receipts to prove them," claimed Matthew Weil, director of the elections job at the Bipartisan plan Center. "There is no proof of widespread voter fraud at any level." 

Federal law requires citizenship come vote in national elections, and would-be voters sign a form attesting under punish of perjury the they space citizens when they it is registered to perform so. As PolitiFact has reported, says can check various databases come verify voters’ citizenship status.

"Election officials spend the mainly before and after election Day continually reconciling voter rolls and ballot totals come ensure that only eligible Americans actors ballots," Weil said. He included that situations of cheat voting space rare in any kind of year and also often the result of misunderstandings.

Minnite, who wrote a book about "The legend of Voter Fraud," said the most usual problem she has seen in her research on the problem is noncitizens gaining accidentally registered to vote when they go to the DMV. But the number of people who fall into this group is "miniscule," she said.

In ahead years, PolitiFact fact-checked several similar claims from Trump and also others — every inaccurate — around immigrants voting illegally in the 2008, 2016 and 2018 elections. 

Our reporting pointed to research study from several organizations that discovered voter fraud amongst noncitizens is not widespread. Experts also called us at the moment that fraud on the range of millions would need months of coordination walk undetected by poll officials. 

For there to it is in "22 million" immigrants unlawfully in the U.S. And also "voting illegally," as the latest viral image now claims, over there would additionally need to be the many world in the country illegally. 

And each and every one of them would need to be casting a ballot.

But the one study from 2018 that estimated the populace here illegal was around 22.1 million has actually been criticized by demographers and immigration experts, who said it’s not grounded in empirical research about illegal immigration fads and overestimates migration indigenous Mexico, among other things, as PolitiFact reported. The Homeland defense Department, Pew research study Center, facility for Migration studies of new York and Migration policy Institute have all settled on much lower estimates.

"In each case, the organizations have individually occurred estimates in ~ a nice tight variety of about 10.5 million come 11.5 million not authorised immigrants as whole in the joined States," stated Michelle Mittelstadt, communications director because that the Migration plan Institute, a think tank.

Finally, immigrant adults living in the nation illegally room ineligible for virtually all commonwealth public benefits, with couple of exceptions, Mittelstadt said. That’s regardless of the truth that part pay numerous forms of taxes, consisting of state and local sales taxes and property taxes.

Our ruling

A viral photo says there space "22 million illegal aliens life in America and ... Poll illegally."

That’s not true. Plenty of reliable entities, consisting of the Homeland protection Department and also the Pew research Center, calculation that there space closer to 11 million people living illegal in the U.S. Yes no proof that 22 million are on regular basis voting illegal or did therefore in 2020.

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We rate this explain False.


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