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Long before Trump came to be president, immigrant living in the nation illegally were normally ineligible for federal public benefits.

A study claimed first-generation immigrants and also their dependents price state and local federal governments $57.4 exchange rate a year. That number isn't tied to federal expenses or benefits. Many of that cost was for schooling.

A Trump administration rule made the more difficult for people to acquire visas or permanent-residency status if they got public help or were likely to need it.

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President Donald Trump has been consistent and forceful in his dispute that immigration represents a burden on the American taxpayer and also the economy.

His administration has sought to crack under on illegal immigration and also curtail legal immigration, many recently by ordering a 60-day halt on issuance of environment-friendly cards to civilization outside the unified States.

But a Facebook post crediting the with saving billions by denying welfare to "illegal immigrants" is inaccurate.

"President Trump has banned welfare for illegal immigrant which will conserve $57.4 exchange rate a year," said the April 9 facebook post. "Do you assistance Trump ~ above this?? ns damn certain do!!"

The article was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read an ext about our partnership with Facebook.)

There are numerous wrong premises v the post:

The Trump management issued a preeminence in respectable 2019 that broadened the government’s ability to deny visas and also permanent-resident condition to immigrant who obtain public services or those who might need assistance after their arrival. The dominance targets world who are seeking legitimate admission and those who space here and applying for long-term residency.

Here"s a more detailed explanation that the inaccuracies.

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Generally, immigrant living illegally in the United claims are ineligible for federal public services such together the Supplemental Nutrition aid Program (commonly called food stamps), constant Medicaid, Supplemental security Income and Temporary aid for Needy Families. These restrictions are no the result of Trump’s presidency.