In June 2019, Andrew Cuomo, the NY Governor,signed a regulation that permits undocumented immigrants to acquire driver’s licenses.The brand-new York state had earlier approved the bill.

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The legislation, likewise referred to asthe green Light Bill, allowsat least 265,000 undocumented immigrants in new York to accessibility a driver’slicense.

The law took effect on December 14,2019. It permits non-U.S. Citizens, above 16 years, to apply for a NY driver’slicense irrespective of your citizenship status.

According come the DMV report, the lawhad been passed in the bordering Connecticut four years earlier and also theoutcome was a decrease in hit-and-run mishaps and a palliation in unlicenseddriving tickets.


Theother 12 states and the ar of Columbia that carry out undocumentedindividuals v driver’s licenses incorporate California, Colorado, Massachusetts,Nevada, Washington, Delaware, Illinois, Utah, Vermont, Maryland, new Mexico,Puerto Rico, and also Washington, D.C.

These states at this time allowundocumented persons to access a driver’s license in several ways.

Since 2005, Utah has actually allowedundocumented people to acquire a driver’s license, however for one year a time andthe civilization must provide proof for state residency because that 6 months, have actually a taxidentification number, and also can’t usage the driver’s patent for one identificationpurpose.

In Maryland and also Delaware, 2 years ofa person’s earnings tax returns may be offered as a residency requirement. InCalifornia, ~ above the various other hand, a vast array of documents is necessary to proveidentity.

The provisions in the Nevada law aresimilar to those in the new York law – to limit the access of licensees’personal data to federal immigration officials asanalyzed by the national Conference the State Legislatures.

Remember, the undocumented vehicle drivers will need to follow comparable requirements together all the new York drivers, and also that has having auto insurance.

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With the legislation in place, it’snow easier for any type of undocumented human being aged 16 years and above, to acquire a driverlicense in new York. After obtaining your permit, be sure to go through superviseddriving.

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