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New York’s Excluded workers Fund, i beg your pardon is to plan to carry out much-needed relief come workers reduced off from federal government unemployment benefits and stimulus checks throughout the pandemic, is now open.

Any workers — including undocumented immigrant — that weren’t standard for joblessness benefits, have the right to apply. The funds do not should be payment back.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers in Albany created the historical $2.1 billion money to assist undocumented and nontraditional workers as component of last-minute state budget negotiations in April. The state freshly released the official regulations laying out what that will take to qualify.

Here’s the condition of the fund, some tips for applying and also resources to help brand-new Yorkers accessibility the cash.

First: This is a huge deal

With $2.1 billion of state money, new York’s excluded Workers money is the biggest program of its kind in the country devoted to supporting workers who couldn’t qualified for government assistance throughout the pandemic.

The money has the potential come be really helpful to around 300,000 that the employees hit hardest by COVID and who to be deemed essential to getting new York v the pandemic. Amongst them: food business workers, domestic workers, building workers, cleaners, farmworkers, treatment workers, street vendors and also more.

At one point, much more than half of the city’s immigrant were unemployed, specialists estimated. However workers without legal immigration standing couldn’t obtain unemployment services or stimulus checks to assist make ends accomplish for the past practically year and also a half.

Some employees went on a hunger strike to support for this fund — and they won.

But… there space some concerns

Workers, advocates and also some legislator who thrust for the exclude, Workers money are worried around potential barriers — namely the strict collection of documentation required by the state’s department of job to recognize eligibility.

The final list of demands was released on July 27, through a brand-new one added: workers now have to display that they shed 50% of their earnings.

Advocates and excluded workers are afraid this new requirement will certainly be really hard come prove — specifically for self-employed workers and also workers in the cash economic climate — and also it’s distinct to the Excluded workers Fund. People do not have to present a 50% lose of earnings to get Unemployment Insurance, Pandemic Unemployment aid or to qualified for various other relief prefer the state’s Emergency Rent aid Program.

Lessons learned from rent relief? possibly not

Advocates are involved the state will certainly repeat mistakes that made it an overwhelming to get needed money out to human being through the rent relief program, both the an initial and currently the 2nd time around.

New York dispersed less 보다 $1 million of the $2.7 billion for rent relief in the program’s first two months. Cuomo freshly announced plan to additional “streamline” the application process so much more people can obtain relief quicker, however has yet to release those details.

Website glitches and other technical difficulties have do it daunting for civilization to use for rental relief, and advocates and also lawmakers are concerned that the to exclude, Workers fund application start will check out the same issues.

Despite this concerns, you can obtain your applications ready and also start submitting it at any type of time.

Here’s what you require to recognize to use for the Excluded workers Fund

You have the right to qualify because that the to exclude, Workers money if you:

Lived in new York State prior to March 27, 2020, and also continue to live in new York StateAre no eligible for and did not obtain unemployment insurance money or COVID-19 income reliefEarned much less than $26,208 in the year prior to April 2021Lost income from in march 27, 2020, through April 1, 2021, because you shed work, couldn’t work since of COVID or if the person making your household’s income passed away or became disabled

A new important thing to know: In addition to the revenue limit, the state is now additionally requiring workers to present that they lost at the very least 50% of your weekly earnings from the end of February 2020 v April 2021.

How much have the right to you gain from the fund?

The to exclude, Workers fund has two tiers:

Tier one: $15,600, which is what one would have earned with unemployment insurance for the previous yearTier two: $3,200, which is exactly how much someone would have gained from the stimulus checks

Tier one requires more documents.

Here room some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


DO prepare your documents

You’ll need papers to prove 3 things:

Your identityYour residencyYour job-related history

The program is using a allude system for papers in which applicants require to administer enough papers to add up come a certain variety of points. Some files are worth more points 보다 others. Some papers will be helpful in fulfilling many categories, such together an IDNYC card.

Important to note: If your files aren’t already in English, you’ll require a certified English translation to go with them.

The point system may seem complex at first, yet this link will walk you through it. Just take her time and breathe.

DO apply for IDNYC

Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez, deputy director of the Street merchant Project, stated she’s recommending people try to acquire an appointment to apply for one IDNYC map as soon as possible.

An IDNYC card is one official kind of federal government ID indigenous the city that anyone can get, nevertheless of immigration status.

The card meets the full requirement for proving both identity and also residency because that the Excluded workers Fund. So having actually an IDNYC card have the right to make the application process much easier.

You deserve to schedule an meeting here.

DO do a arrangement for how to upload your documents and complete your application

There is no record option, for this reason you have actually to use online. This have the right to be less complicated if you have clear picture of or scanned version of all her documents.

If you nothing know how to do any type of of this or don’t have access to a computer to upload the documents, reach the end to someone who can help. Us list a bunch of organizations at the bottom of this newsletter.

DO store these points in mind

You deserve to be eligible because that the excluded Workers money no issue your immigrant status.

If girlfriend qualify, the payments will be issued with prepaid debit cards.

You’ll have to pay state and also federal taxes on the award.

All your papers will it is in private and safe. They’re no public record, and also will not be disclosed to other government agencies, consisting of U.S. Immigration and also Customs Enforcement.

DO reach out and ask for aid if you need it.

You can contact your state senator or Assembly member’s office for application assistance. Uncover out who your to represent are and how to contact them by placing in your attend to here.

And, these 38 institutions in new York City acquired money native the state to help workers use for free. Click the company name indigenous this list for an ext information — consisting of their call number and which language they can administer assistance in — or examine out this map to find help near you.


DON’T wait till the last minute

The to exclude, Workers money is first-come, first-served, and some of this preparation have the right to take time.

DON’T pay someone to help you

Anytime there’s a the majority of money up for grabs, scammers are surrounding ready to make a profit.

Any exclude, Workers fund application help should be free. But we’ve heard from reader who have seen ads because that attorneys providing to aid people apply, and other human being offering application aid services. The federal government is paying nonprofit establishments to provide free assistance come applicants. So, if who is make the efforts to fee you for applications help, that is a red flag and also could be a scam.

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Kaufman-Gutierrez native the Street merchant project said if someone or an company tries to fee you money, or someone you don’t currently know and trust asks for your an individual information to assist you apply, nothing share info with them.

The room of Labor will certainly not contact you directly before you apply, uneven you signed increase to obtain updates.

You can report scams through filling the end this complaint kind or by call the Attorney general Office’s hotline in ~ 1-800-771-7755.

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