Countless people about the civilization wear daily disposable call lenses or dailies. These well-known single-use lenses are removed and also discarded in ~ the end of every day, and a new, fresh pair is inserted the following morning. Used properly, the cross promote eye health, and they’re comfortable and also convenient.

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Despite the many advantages associated through wearing daily disposables, there space plenty of means you can damage your eyes and vision — some you may never have considered.

1. Don"t Touch Contacts with Dirty Hands

Before touching your lenses, make certain to wash your hands completely with soap and water. By poignant your contact lenses with dirty hands, you deliver bacteria to your lenses, which can lead come an infection. Preferably dry her hands v a disposable document towel quite than a towel towel, and also ensure the no remnants that the towel continue to be on your fingers.

2. Don"t reveal Your contacts to Water

Any resource of water, even if it is tap, pool, or lake water, can adjust the shape of her lenses and also cause micro-abrasions on her cornea. Plus, the water may contain bacteria that deserve to wreak havoc on your eye health and cause girlfriend to suffer temporary vision ns or also permanent blindness.

If friend must gain in the water with your contact on, make sure to undertake waterproof goggles. If friend do acquire water on your contact lenses, dispose of this lenses and also insert a brand-new pair. Exposing call lenses to chemicals favor chlorine binding to the lens and also cannot it is in cleaned off. It climate leeches onto the cornea and also causes irritation.

The following time you"re tempted to swim or shower v your lenses on, think twice before doing so.

3. Don"t Reuse her Contacts

Daily disposable contacts space designed to be thrown away after every single use, and people who reuse them hazard painful and also risky outcomes. Dailies room thinner, much more fragile, and don"t host moisture and other contacts.

Users occasionally attempt to boost the expectancy of this lenses by cleaning them in a disinfecting solution and also wearing them for numerous days or even weeks in ~ a time. This is problematic, as the lens material doesn"t permit for repeated disinfecting. In fact, the process of clean the lenses often tends to it is in not just ineffective but additionally breaks under the lens itself, increasing the risk of the lens falling apart when in the eye. The danger of complications and also infection is not worth the few saved bucks.

4. Don"t Insert a Dropped call In your Eye

One of the perks of daily lenses is that they are less expensive (per lens) 보다 other species of contacts. So if you find yourself dropping a lens right into the sink or top top the floor, don"t bother placing it earlier in her eye. Doing for this reason can price you her eye health.

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5. Don"t ever before Put contacts In your Mouth

It seems favor a funny concept, doesn"t it? you wouldn"t think the number of people who execute this. If you drop a call lens, protect against rooting roughly the floor trying to uncover it, and also if you do, definitely don’t placed it in your mouth to lubricate it. Your mouth contains bacteria that can infect your eyes as soon as you reinsert your contacts.

Play it for sure by carrying approximately an emergency pair the glasses or one extra pair of daily disposable contacts in your bag, her car, or at work.

6. Don"t Overwear Your daily Lenses

Wearing your lenses for long periods of time can damages your eyes, even if they"re day-to-day contacts. The best recommended daily use for any type of contact lens is 14-16 hours, though Dr. Benjamin Azman will recognize the exact number of hours you have to wear your lenses. Her eyes, just like any kind of other component of her body, should rest. Her corneas get oxygen indigenous the air, no from blood vessels, and also while it’s healthy to undertake contacts throughout the day, wearing lock for extended periods can substantially reduce the quantity of oxygen your eyes receive, which can lead to complications. If friend don"t provide your eye the rest they need, your corneas can get swollen, which have the right to lead come corneal abrasion and even bacter infection.

7. Don"t Sleep through Your Lenses

Daily lenses should never it is in worn overnight. You risking your vision by sleeping in a lens that’s no approved because that overnight use, together it deserve to lead to ocular irritation, swelling and corneal ulcers.

8. Don"t Insert Contacts prior to Completing her Morning Routine

Avoid inserting her contacts prior to you shower or wash her face, because you hazard exposing your lenses come tap water and the bacteria the come with it. We likewise recommend the you insert her lenses after ~ blow-drying and styling your hair, particularly if you’re using hairspray or various other aerosols, as these commodities can dry out your contacts. Additionally, the spray deserve to coat the lenses and leave a film that not only irritates the eyes, but can make it daunting to see. If you"re at the hairdresser"s and also cannot remove your lenses, shut her eyes when spray is applied.

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9. Don"t obtain Makeup On her Contacts

Insert her contacts before applying makeup, because any makeup residue on your hands, such together mascara, can easily transfer to your lenses.

It"s not uncommon for civilization to get concealer, eyeliner or mascara ~ above their call lenses. If the happens, automatically remove the lens and clean the assembly with systems (while making certain to dispose the the lens prior to bed). Otherwise, merely replace with another lens. Stop wearing waterproof makeup, due to the fact that it can"t always be eliminated from your lenses, even when rinsed through solution.

To protect against makeup from gaining on her lenses, don"t apply mascara every the method from the base of your lashes up. Instead, use it from the midway point. It"s likewise important not to apply eyeliner on the inside lid of her eye, however rather come the skin above your lashes.

10. Don"t Wear call Lenses If your Eyes space Irritated

As the speak goes, ""if in doubt - take it them out!"" If your eyes feeling irritated, uncomfortable, or if you notice any ache or redness, don"t power through. If her symptoms critical a while, call Dr. Benjamin Azman at Azman Eye treatment Specialists. Friend don"t want to allow a severe infection walk unchecked.

When your eyes feel much more rested and are free of discomfort, put in a new pair the contacts.

11. Don"t obstacle Your Eyes

If your eyes feeling itchy or dry, or if a lens feels the end of place, you might be tempted to rub your eyes. But rubbing, whether with contacts or without, can lead to long-term ocular issues. This may cause you to endure blurred vision, and also may even damages your cornea. Instead, Dr. Benjamin Azman have the right to recommend eye drops to relieve any type of discomfort. Make certain to apply them just when call lenses space removed.

Above, we have delved into things you must never perform with daily call lenses. Fortunately, if you execute make a mistake, you deserve to remove the lens and also replace it with a new one. The few dollars you might save by not opening a brand-new pack aren"t precious the damage a mistake deserve to cause.

If friend have any questions or are interested in recognize out more about contact lenses, call Azman Eye treatment Specialists in Timonium today. Dr. Benjamin Azman will be happy to explain how to treatment for your eyes and maintain your vision.

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