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- update to DIRECTV app lets you watch your live and also recorded programs basically anywhere

- brand-new "Data complimentary TV" attribute lets you stream at&t U-verse and also DIRECTV content without that counting against your at & t wireless data allowance


EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 7, 2016 / -- away from home yet itching to record a live illustration of the latest hit TV show, watch her favorite taped movie or party watch that collection everyone has been talk about? Today, v the latest update to the DIRECTV App, you deserve to do the for virtually any show anywhere.

The update DIRECTV app gives you accessibility to your live and also recorded programming1 whether far from the living room in your house or on the go. That"s right: essentially anything you frequently watch on your DIRECTV company at home will currently be available anywhere you have actually either a mobile or Wi-Fi net connection. That has shows ~ above live networks – also locals – as well as just around all of her DVR taped programs. Girlfriend can likewise download most of your DVR recordings come your an equipment to clock offline – perfect because that long airplane flights.

Even better, you deserve to stream video via her DIRECTV or U-verse application without making use of your mobile data once you"re top top the go with Data totally free TV top top the at&t mobile wireless network.2 It"s easy and also automatic after ~ registering and also it doesn"t count versus your at & t mobile data allotment.

"Our customers want to take their TVs through them, and also our new DIRECTV App enables just that," claimed David Christopher, CMO, at & t Entertainment Group. "You can obtain the content you want, when you desire it.... Her living room channels and also your videotaped content through you, anywhere you go."

Here"s what DIRECTV customers acquire with the DIRECTV application update:

Stream Live Channels. Access to live programming the you i ordered it to on DIRECTV (up come 315 various channels), virtually anywhere you have internet access, even if it is it"s via Wi-Fi or mobile network. You can restart reflects in progression or watch shows that aired in the critical 72 hrs – also if friend forgot to record them! Stream recorded Programs. Access to content tape-recorded on your home DVR via your mobile device, where you have actually internet access, even if it is it"s via Wi-Fi or mobile network. View taped Programs Offline. Ability to download virtually all recorded content native your residence DVR to your mobile maker via your residence Wi-Fi network. As soon as downloaded, you deserve to watch that regime anywhere, also if you"re top top a aircraft – no web required.

Additionally, the DIRECTV application gives you access to more than 20,000 that the latest movies and also hit mirrors On demand from the most famous networks come stream essentially anywhere.3

Once you"re in ~ home, the DIRECTV application gives friend even an ext ways come watch than before. You can instantly move the display that you were watching on your mobile device to your TV and continue city hall seamlessly.

To endure these exciting ways to watch your DIRECTV, here"s what you need:

1 no all channels available. Channels obtainable for live streaming exchange mail to her package selection and may vary through location. To download, have to be in-home on very same Wi-Fi network connected to DVR. Details programming cannot be downloaded. Every functions and programming subject to change.

DATA free TV: have to stream through DIRECTV or U-verse App. Calls for eligibility. DIRECTV & at&t wireless services. Exclude, & constraints apply.

3 access to contents varies by package.

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