One the the most popular questions we obtain is just how to watch local news as a cord cutter. Live occasions and, more importantly, live news are two species of programming cord cutters are not willing to wait for. The good news is cord cutters have numerous options.

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Option #1 Streaming Services

What if you desire a streaming alternative or friend cannot obtain local channels over the air?

Here room a couple of services you must try.


NewsON is available on Android, iOS, and Roku. They carry you live streams of neighborhood news and even replays of your regional news if you miss out on the live broadcast.

Want to watch if NewsON has your local station? examine out ourfull perform of stations.


STIRR supplies a ton of live and on-demand programming consisting of local news. Through STIRR you will discover Sinclair-owned regional TV station streaming their regional news live and also on-demand because that free.

Your local TV Station’s Roku Channel

Many neighborhood TV train station now have a committed Roku Channel supplying live and also on-demand accessibility to regional news. Search for your regional TV station in the Roku Channel save to view if they offer a Roku Channel. The odds are at least one of lock will have a committed Roku Channel to stream your regional news.

Option #2 get an Antenna

If you space a cord cutter and have yet to try an antenna, this must be your an initial step. Because that over 90% of americans an antenna will certainly pick increase your local stations and also news.

Before you run out and also buy one antenna, make certain to examine out what you can get with the two key antenna types: indoor or outdoor. The last point you desire to execute is spend money to uncover out you obtained the dorn antenna. Visit AntennaWeb.org and enter your address to uncover out what networks you can get with both antenna types.

From there you have the right to use a maker like a Tablo DVR come stream her antenna to your Roku streaming player or Roku TV.

Do you have an app you gain for live local news? Leave us a comment and also let us understand what friend use.

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