Fox News is the most renowned cable news channel in America. Indigenous Fox & girlfriend to Tucker Carlson Tonight, this cable network offers 24/7 news coverage and discussions of current events.

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If you want to conserve money by cut the cord, friend don’t need to worry around missing out on Fox News content. V this guide, you have the right to watch Fox News live ~ above Amazon Fire TV there is no cable. We’ll discuss your options, and how you have the right to enjoy her favorite shows without a hefty cable bill.

Fox News and also Internet TV

Source: Fox News Go

Even just a few years ago, it would certainly not have actually been possible to stream Fox News live online without cable. But today, much more people than ever before are cut the cord, and also canceling cable.

This method that, unless networks adjust, they stand to lose out top top a bunch that money. However, many cable networks have adjusted by becoming component of “skinny bundle” internet TV services.

“Skinny bundles” room bundles that selected cable channels that are delivered directly end the internet by internet TV services like PlayStation Vue or DirecTV Now.

Prices vary based on how many channels you want, yet most internet TV services cost between $20-$50. This method they’re simply a fraction of the cost of a cable subscription.

Most significant internet TV companies provide accessibility to Fox News. In addition, you deserve to use your web TV login to watch Fox News online, or on the Fox News walk app.

Here room your options.


Source: fuboTV

fuboTV started as a sports-centered streaming service, because that fans of association football (soccer), rugby, and other international sports. Today, however, it has increased its channel list beyond its initial emphasis on sports.

Plans and also channels

There is only one subscription arrangement for fuboTV. Fubo Premier will expense you $45/month – the price recently jumped from $40/month.

Your subscription come fuboTV will obtain you Fox News, as well as CNBC, CNBC World, and Fox Business. That’s about it on the news front. Other than these channels, many of the contents is focused on sports, with more than two dozen sports-focused channels.

You have the right to add-on even more sports channels with extr packages such together the sporting activities Plus parcel ($9/month), yet there room no choices for adding an ext news coverage.


Along v your fuboTV subscription, you get a totally free cloud-based DVR. However, the is a little bit limited. You have the right to only document 30 hours of content, i beg your pardon is low compared to various other DVRs. If friend want, you can boost this come 500 hours of contents for a $10/month fee.

You likewise only get 2-device coincided streaming, i m sorry ties fuboTV v DirecTV Now and Hulu v Live TV.

fuboTV is accessible on the Amazon application Store, and you have the right to watch it on every compatible Amazon Fire TV models. Other tools supported include iOS and also Android mobile devices, and platforms such together the apple TV and Roku.

You can check out the company now through a totally free 7-day trial at the fuboTV website. If you favor what girlfriend see, friend can gain a $25 discount top top your very first month’s subscription.

Source: Hulu v Live TV

While it’s quiet technically in beta, Hulu v Live TV offers an excellent features and a solid list of channels. This has actually made it a top an option for countless cord-cutters.

Plans and also channels

Like fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV gives you with just one subscription plan, which costs $40/month. The includes between 40-70+ channels, depending upon your geographical location. You’ll gain Fox News, as well as CNN, CNBC and also MSNBC, HLN, and Telemundo in her subscription.

Hulu v Live TV provides a great lineup for most cable news fans, and also augments that with good sports and entertainment packages.

One that the biggest benefits of your Hulu v Live TV membership is that it consists of a Hulu base-tier member (an $8/month value) through your $40/month subscription. This way you have the right to watch the entire library the Hulu content on-demand v no restrictions. Every little thing is included, from previous Fox News programming come Hulu Originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale.


You acquire a free, 50-hour DVR with your Hulu with Live TV subscription. If you need more recording time, you can shell the end $15/month to acquire 200 hrs of storage through the “Enhanced DVR” add-on.

By default, girlfriend are minimal to 2 simultaneous live streams, tie Hulu with Live TV with fuboTV and also DirecTV Now. Uneven those various other services, though, you have the right to pay $15/month for an “Unlimited Screens” add-on. This will obtain you endless simultaneous streams in your home network, and up come 3 streams exterior your home network.

You have actually the choice to integrate both the magnified DVR and also Unlimited displays package for $20/month, i beg your pardon is a good discount.

Hulu with Live TV is available on the Amazon app Store, and can likewise be streamed top top your net browser. Cell phone compatibility consists of iOS and also Android, and you can likewise stream using gadgets like Chromecast and Apple TV.

You can get started through a week-long cost-free trial now, and also test the end Hulu’s foray into internet streaming for yourself.

DirecTV Now

Source: DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has the best an option of networks out of any internet TV service. Offered that it is run by DirecTV, this is not specifically a surprise.

Plans and also channels

There space 4 various subscriptions on offer at DirecTV Now. Here are her choices.

Live A tiny – 60+ channels, $35/monthJust Right – 80+ channels, $50/monthGo large – 100+ channels, $60/monthGotta have actually It – 120+ channels, $70/month

If you room a true cable news junkie, DirecTV Now absolutely has the best channel list for her needs. You’ll gain Fox News in the lowest-cost “Live A Little” package, in addition to Fox Business, Bloomberg Television, HLN, CNN, CNBC, C-Span 1 and 2, and also MSNBC.

If you pick to upgrade to the “Just Right” package, though, you’ll obtain even more news networks like CNBC World, and channels such as ESPNews and The Weather Channel. Upgrading to the “Go Big” channel will obtain you accessibility to BBC world News, however that’s just about it top top the news front.


DirecTV now doesn’t have actually the best features of any internet streaming service. Despite a DVR beta program that has remained in trials because that months, over there is quiet no cloud-based DVR available. That way you can not record any type of news programming v DirecTV Now.

While a an excellent selection of on-demand title helps offset the absence of record features, the DVR absence is quiet a huge problem through this service.

Another issue is that you can only currently on 2 devices at once. This makes DirecTV currently a poor selection for larger households.

DirecTV currently is to plan to settle both of these worries sometime this spring. They have announced the they will provide a 100-hour DVR come customers complimentary of charge, and also increase the streaming limit to 3 devices. However, there is tho no concrete release day for these features.

DirecTV currently is sustained on Amazon Fire devices. You can additionally watch it on your web browser, iOS and also Android, and also most streaming devices such together the Chromecast and Apple TV.

You can try DirecTV currently yourself now with a 7-day cost-free trial, and see what you think.

PlayStation Vue

Source: playstation Vue

Despite being saddled with an unfortunate name (no, you don’t require a playstation console to subscribe), playstation Vue is a great internet TV service, specifically for people who have larger families.

Subscription plans and channels

Similar to DirecTV Now, there are a complete of four different channel packages accessible on playstations Vue. This allows you to select how much content friend want.

Access – 45 channels, $40/monthCore – 60 channels, $45/monthElite – 84 channels, $55/monthUltra – every Elite networks plus HBO/Showtime, $75/month

The pared-down “Access” package will acquire you Fox News and Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, and also HLN, and local news networks (if accessible in her region). If girlfriend want, you can upgrade to an “Elite” package because that $55/month, come get access to BBC human being News.


PlayStation Vue has a good channel selection, though DirecTV now beats it the end for pure value. However, the true benefits of playstation Vue are clear once you look at the functions you obtain from this service.

The first – and most important – attribute is the 5-device coincided streaming policy. Depending upon the machine you use, you have the right to stream on approximately 5 different gadgets at once on your house network.

This is the ideal concurrent streaming policy out there, through the exemption of Hulu through Live TV + The Unlimited screens package – but that add-on costs an extra $15/month.

You likewise get a really good DVR v PlayStation Vue. Despite you deserve to only document content for 28 days, you get unlimited storage space. You can save as much content together you want.

You deserve to watch playstation Vue ~ above Amazon Fire TV, and the playstation 3 or 4 console. That course, mobile compatibility contains iOS and Android, and you can also watch on your internet browser, or top top Chromecast, apologize TV, or Roku.

You can provide the business a shot v a totally free 5-day trial in ~ the game stations Vue website.

Fox News Go

Source: Fox News Go

Most networks and cable channels let you usage your web TV credentials to accessibility live and also archived content.

All of the above-listed net TV service providers will enable you to log right into the Fox News website to clock live TV, or come log right into the Fox News Go app on Amazon Fire TV.

The content you can view will rely on your subscription. Because that example, friend won’t obtain Fox service if your net TV package only has Fox News.

One vital benefit of using your web TV login digital is the it does no count towards your simultaneously streams.

For example, signing right into Fox News Go with a Hulu through Live TV login will not count towards your 2 simultaneous streams. Two other human being could clock Hulu v Live TV, and also you can still usage Fox News go without business interruptions.

You can visit Fox News walk online now, or download the from the Amazon app Store, complimentary of charge.

YouTube TV – Not supported by Amazon Fire TV

Source: YouTube TV

If you’re curious why YouTube TV is not existing on our list, there’s a reason – and it’s a pretty stunner one.

Amazon and also Google space still affiliated in a little bit of a this firm feud, and Google refuses to assistance the Amazon Fire TV. Castle went therefore far as to remove YouTube support from Amazon Fire TV devices.

Because that this, YouTube TV will likely not be accessible on Amazon Fire TVs for quite a while. This is a shame, since YouTube TV uses a an excellent package of channels, consisting of Fox News, because that $35 a month ($40/month starting in March).

You can additionally stream ~ above 3 tools at once, i m sorry is far better than DirecTV Now, Hulu through Live TV, and also fuboTV. The to mark is the DVR, though. You deserve to store endless hours of mirrors for 9 months, v no various other limits.

Hopefully, this this firm tiff will be resolved soon. Till then, yes a workaround you have the right to use if you currently subscribe come YouTube TV.

A workaround for YouTube TV subscribers

If you are a current YouTube TV subscriber and would favor to clock Fox News on her Amazon Fire TV, the best workaround is to simply download and also use the Fox News Go application on the Amazon application Store.

Your YouTube TV login will certainly still work, also though Google doesn’t support the Amazon Fire TV, for this reason this is a kind workaround i m sorry is most likely to work for rather a while.

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It’s definitely not ideal, yet if you already have a YouTube TV subscription, it’s absolutely your best option for the moment being.