In 2020, approximately 29 million Americans to be enrolled in high-deductible health insurance plans with wellness savings accounts (HSAs).1 HSAs space tax-deductible bank accounts the you can use come pay for health care costs. znjke.com can assist you uncover the differences in between what friend can and also can’t spend your HSA money on.

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What deserve to I usage My HSA For?

You can use her HSA for a number of medical-related expenses and items, including:

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicationsPrescription medicationsTelehealth servicesMenstrual treatment productsSunscreenAnd more

Can I usage My HSA for My Spouse?

Yes, you have the right to use her HSA for your spouse. You can additionally use her HSA for your dependents, and also non-dependents that you can have asserted except that they filed a share return, had actually a gross earnings of $4,300 or more, or if you and your spouse might be asserted as a dependency on who else’s return.

Can I use My HSA for Dental?

Dental care reimbursement is one eligible cost for your HSA. Various other qualifying dental costs can encompass dental cleanings, dental services and procedures, dentist dams, medical dental implants, dental sealants, dentist veneers, dentures, denture adhesive, denture cleaning supplies, denture stain cleaner, and also treatment from a denturist.

Dental floss, however, does not qualify.

Pregnancy tests or baby Diapers?

Any expenses linked with the procedure of birth regulate can be paid for using HSA funds. This consists of those prescribed by a medical professional (birth regulate pills, IUD, diaphragm, etc.) and also over-the-counter products and devices (e.g., condoms, spermicide, and pregnancy test kits). Diapers, top top the various other hand, carry out not qualify as a medical price unless they room for a handicapped individual beyond the period of infancy. Money invested on a diaper service for an adult can additionally qualify if it’s been prescribed through a doctor for a specific medical condition.

CPR great or cigarette smoking Cessation Programs?

Some things regarded smoking cessation, including prescription drugs and the price of great or programs to assist you quit, are qualified medical expenses. Things that don’t need a prescription, favor nicotine gum or patches, may qualify. Be sure to check your setup details.2

CPR classes room not considered medically necessary, so girlfriend shouldn’t fee this to your HSA.

Medical Marijuana or experimental Drugs?

Experimental drugs, if lock are acquired legally, deserve to be purchased using funds from her HSA. Marijuana, on the other hand, is illegal under commonwealth law. Also if it is legal in your state and you are using it come treat a particular medical problem under the supervision that a doctor, it does not qualify together a medical expense for the purposes of your wellness savings account.

Can I use My HSA because that a Gym Membership?

A gym membership, whether it is to encourage your general health or to assist with weight loss, does not count together a standard expense.

Can I use My HSA because that Massage?

Yes, you can use her HSA for a massage. You can be surprised to discover that several various kinds that therapy, consisting of massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractors room all default expenses, as lengthy as these specialists are providing medical care.

Can I use My HSA for Glasses?

Glasses are thought about a qualifying expense, so yes you can use your HSA funds because that these. If friend use contact lenses for a clinical reason (not just because it’s Halloween, or you want to adjust your eye color), you can buy related supplies favor saline solution or contact cleaner through your HSA card.

Can I usage My HSA because that LASIK?

Yes, LASIK (Laser facilitated Situ Keratomileusis) qualifies because that reimbursement with your HSA. In addition to this form of vision correction, laser eye surgical treatment is likewise eligible.

Can I use My HSA because that Vitamins?

Yes, prenatal vitamins may be eligible for HSA coverage, also as specific painkillers and allergy and also sinus medicine.2 Verify this through your plan and/or carrier, as no all plans room the same.

Find a Health setup With one HSA

If you’re interested in switching to a health insurance money plan that will offer you accessibility to a wellness savings account, znjke.com have the right to help! Search and also compare hundreds of plans digital to find the right one, all at no expense to you, now.

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