Can you use eyeshadow as eyeliner? The price is a resounding “YES”! even if it is it’s a wing, a smoky smudge, or a graphics shape, we’re walk to talk about how to usage eyeshadow as eyeliner.

Eyeliner is one of the most transformative assembly steps, as it can readjust your eye shape, add depth, and also create happy geometry. 

However, applying eyeliner deserve to turn from fun to frustrating quite quickly, specifically if you’re utilizing liquid products. An uneven wing or smudged liquid deserve to be tear-inducing relying on the day. All the more reason come ditch the pen and also use shadow as liner! 

Using eyeshadow together eyeliner 


Okay, very first we need our tools! this is what you’ll need:

How to apply eyeshadow as eyeliner 


When utilizing eyeshadow together eyeliner, you’ll often need a fluid to develop a cream or paste. Something like Mac Fix+ will assist the product to remain in place. However, plain ol’ water additionally works fine, however is much less “budge proof”.

Wet her brush and also shake turn off the excess. Dab the brush into a tiny corner of her eyeshadow pan. Use the earlier of your hand to mix the powder and liquid together to develop a smooth paste. Remove the excess so that your brush is coated however not gloopy.If using a flat, slanted brush, press the edge right into your lash line, angling the brush downward right into the lashes. Press it follow me the lash heat to produce a thin yet opaque line. Develop it as much as be a small thicker at the outer 3rd of the lash line. If utilizing a pencil brush, edge the brush out to the side and use the next edge the the bristles to draw little strokes follow me the lash line.If you’re aiming for a wing, edge the liner towards the outer edge of your eyebrow. Be brave and also go because that it, girlfriend can always tidy the line through a Q-tip soaked in assembly remover. 

If you’re trying to find a smokier, smudgier look, merely use dry eyeshadow:

Load up her brush and tap the on her hand to remove the excess. Wiggle the brush into the lash line and extend the zero up top top the lid slightly. Use a cotton round or item of document to produce the outer wing shape by laying it on the face. Smudge the dry shadow versus the leaf of the paper/cotton to produce a clean cat-eye/wing there is no depositing shadow onto your cheek. Use a clean, fluffy brush to mix the top lash and also voila, a smokey eye with no pencils involved. 

Note: To keep your eyeshadows, girlfriend can also dab a dry brush into the pan then dab it right into a tiny droplet the water or mixing tool on the back of your hand. However, I favor a messy eyeshadow palette, together it method I’m getting great use out of it!


Now you know just how to use eyeshadow as eyeliner! obtain in front of the mirror and also have a play. Use various colors, textures, and also finishes to produce unique looks. Probably a shimmer silver wing or a pale pink matte floating liner? 

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