I will wrap your tattoo to save it protected before you leave the shop. The wrap can stay on because that 30 mins as much as 2 hours. Once you remove it, to wash the tattoo really gently with an unscented soap - simply lather very closely with your hand, rinse and pat dry with a clean record towel. Perform not re-wrap it during the healing process.

For the very first 3-4 job wash and rinse very gently a couple of times a day, at the very least once in the morning and also evening, and more if girlfriend are active and get sweaty. Perform not scrub, exfoliate or shave the area while it’s healing.

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When the skin beginning to dry out, generally on work 2 or 3, start using an unscented, non petroleum based moisturizer 2 or 3 time a day. Usage a thin layer, just sufficient to moisturize the skin, perform not usage a big glob of it. Over-moisturizing doesn’t allow the skin come breathe and can reason problems while healing.

Your tattoo will be flaky, dry, itchy, and might kind some scabs while that heals. This is normal. Do not pick or scrape at it.

Avoid soaking in water (no baths/swimming - showering is ok) and also direct sun exposure for around 3-4 weeks. If you have actually been offered a touch up, wait 4-6 weeks for the area to be healed before getting that tattooed again.

Always make sure your hands are clean when touching your brand-new tattoo.

Product recommendations


I choose unscented soft Dr. Bronner’s (in the light blue bottle), you can acquire it at Target and also most drug stores.

Any fragrance and dye free soap will likewise work. Pick a fluid soap in a bottle, instead of a bar. This method you don’t need to scrub the bar end your open skin, ensuring cleanliness over multiple uses.


Any plain, unscented, dye cost-free and non-petroleum based moisturizer should work. Brands favor Lubriderm, Eucerin, Aveeno, Cetaphil and Cerave have unscented/sensitive skin versions available, and can conveniently be uncovered at most stores that have actually a skin care/hygiene section.

If you choose a more “natural”/vegan option, I have actually personally had luck utilizing shea and also cocoa butter based assets such as Hustle Butter or Booda Organics (both are obtainable on Amazon or with their websites).

Try to pick a lotion bottle that you have the right to squeeze or has a pump - nothing buy a tub of lotion that you will have to repeatedly stick your fingers into, since that’s gross.

A&D, vaseline, petroleum jelly and other comparable petroleum assets are no recommended.

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Aquaphor is typically recommended by other tattooers. Ns personally carry out not think Aquaphor is necessary, due to the fact that I feel the it’s too basic to overdo it, for this reason if you select to use it please perform so really sparingly. If too lot is used or is supplied for an extended duration of time it have the right to clog the pores i beg your pardon could impact the healing process.


If I put Saniderm on her tattoo, you don’t need to do anything come it if the Saniderm is tho on. Friend can entirely shower v Saniderm, just be mindful with it, nothing scrub at it and also don’t soak it (no baths, swimming, or warm tubs).

Keep the Saniderm on for minimum 24 hours. If that not offering you any type of trouble, it can stay on as much as 7 days, however no much longer than that. I discover that 2-3 days is commonly the sweet spot. I recommend removing it in the shower through the water running over it. Peel it down over itself, execute not traction it right out from her skin.

If the starts skin up indigenous the edge so much that it becomes yes, really annoying, or if the tattoo is exposed, go ahead and remove it. If you start acquiring some redness or irritation approximately the edges of the Saniderm, remove it as quickly as you an alert and wash the area .

You might notice bubbles the liquid build under the Saniderm - this is just a bit of blood and also plasma, and also it’s entirely normal. It might look choose the edge of your tattoo room a tiny fuzzy, this is completely normal together well. In some cases, if a most liquid accumulation under the bandage, we could need to readjust it after ~ the first 24 hours. If it is the case, let me know, ns happy to remove it, clean the tattoo, and replace the Saniderm because that you.

When the Saniderm comes turn off for good, resume constant aftercare (see above) because that the expression of the heal process. You can still gain a tiny dryness and flaky skin, simply keep moisturizing it and also don’t choose or scratch. You’ll understand your tattoo is fully healed when the skin feel smooth and also is no longer dry or shiny.

If girlfriend have any questions at all about healing or aftercare, please ask! email me in ~ znjke.com