Handling a garbage removal project yourself deserve to save you money in some cases however usually just makes sense withsmall projects.

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We’ll compare the expenses of renting a dumpster versushauling waste yourself.

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Factors That influence Cost

Because there room several components that influence the cost of hauling away waste, what might be the best choicefor one personmay not be the finest choicefor another.

Before comparing expenses side-by-side, it’s important to understand the various determinants that influence dumpster rental costand the expense to haul items yourself.

When planning to haul the debris yourself, consider the following:

How nearby is the nearest landfill or transport facility thataccepts the rubbish you"rehauling?Is your trailer or truck huge enough to take care of the debris youhave?Will youneed to do multiple trips to finish the cleanup?Do youknow the garbage transport and disposal laws in her city?

The bottom heat is the your time is valuable.

If the is walk to expense you a lotof time and money to haul the items to the suitable facility yourself, you"re better off having actually someone else perform it for you.

Cost Comparison


Use the chart listed below to aid determine i m sorry strategy is best for your situation.

We’ll usage the instance of renting a 20 garden dumpster for a kitchen renovation task to provide you an idea.

Average costs of Kitchen Remodel Debris Disposal

Cost FactorAverage expense When Renting a DumpsterAverage cost When Hauling rubbish Yourself
Fuel prices (assuming 30 miles to landfill)$0$30 ($0.50 per mile)
Roundtrips Required$0$30 (Two trips assuming 5-10 cubic yards per trailer load)
Transport/Unloading Time(2 hours)$0$80 (conservatively assuming your time is worth $40 per hour)
Overage Fees$50 every ton (potentially)$0
Late Fees$15 every day (potentially)$0
Dump Fees$0$51 per ton (national average)
Truck/Equipment stay & TearNoYes
Totals:$375(national average)$191

The example above shows it might be more cost-efficient to haul debris come the landfill yourself for smaller projects generating much less than 20 yards the debris.

However, that might not it is in the instance in every scenario.

For example, if you value your time an ext than $40 per hour, the opportunity expense would go up.

Likewise, fuel expenses and/or recording fees may be much more expensive in your location.

There’s also the “hassle” factor.

Wouldn’t friend agree that renting a dumpster is much less the a hassle than hauling the load yourself?

When hauling the rubbish or debris yourself, it have the right to take a far-reaching amount of time and also energy to fill the trailer or truck v the debris, properly and also safely secure it, drive it to the dump site, pay the fees, unload the (you might be responsible come unload that all), and then drive back.

And that’s just one trip.

For larger projects, it might require 2, 3, or even an ext roundtrips come the landfill.

On the other hand, all that’s required of you with a rented dumpster is the loading.

There’s no driving, emptying, securing the load, etc.

Again, this isn’t to say that renting a dumpster is always the far better option.

If the following is true, DIY waste removal may make sense:

You live near a license is granted dump website or recycling facility that accepts the kind of garbage or debris you’re hauling.The trailer or truck supplied for the haul is huge enough come accommodate the pack in one trip.

Lastly, time is the many valuable source there isand human being often do the mistake of undervaluing your time.

If yes sir a means to conserve time or do things much more efficient with anything in her life, consisting of renovation, cleanouts, roofing jobs, yard cleanups, etc., that wellworth considering.

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Final Considerations


Cost is important but look at an ext than just the bottom line dollar amount when deciding on even if it is to rent a dumpster or DIY the rubbish removal.

Factor in the time and effort required to to draw the fill yourself.

In plenty of cases, it may be precious paying a little an ext to rent a dumpster.

It will certainly no doubt conserve a far-ranging amount that time and also effort, help you to complete the job faster.

If girlfriend need assist finding dumpster rentals in your area, Hometown makes it easy.

With a fast search utilizing your zip code, friend can discover locally-owned and operated, licensed, reputable providers in your area.

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You deserve to request free quotes native as numerous providers as you"d like to price compare.