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The Bass agree Shops/Cabela’s advantage program is exclusive to members. With this member benefit you deserve to receive discounts ~ above gift cards and apparel as outlined below.15% turn off BASS agree SHOPS/CABELA’S GIFT members receive15% offgift cards for their business/operation. Just think, her $500 gift map only expenses you $425!Gift cards have the right to be offered for to buy at all Bass pro Shops and also Cabela’s locations, the Bass pro Shops and Cabela’s Catalog and on and All gift cards sales space final.

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Cabela"s Gift card FAQ

Q: What is the"s Member advantage program?

A: has secured a 15% discount on co-branded gift cards v Cabela"s. This will certainly be a benefit exclusive come members. Over there is a $1 handling charge per card yet no sales taxes on gift card purchases. Because that Example: an member to buy a $100 gift card for $85 to add a $1 handling charge. Over there is no sales taxation on gift cards.

Q: exactly how do I acquire my"s discount?

A: The 15% discount is top top the acquisition of"s Co-branded gift cards. They are only available on-line v the save via or at unique events. Simply create your account in ~ the and also enter her Member credentials.

Q: Where deserve to I usage my"s co-branded gift card?

A: anywhere Cabela"s conducts commerce; in a Cabela"s, on-line, a catalog and also on any kind of items whether continual priced, sale, cheap cave.

Q: deserve to I show my membership card at a and also get a discount?

A: No. This discount is because that the acquisition of"s gift cards i beg your pardon are readily available exclusively online v the

Q: how long will certainly it take because that my gift card to obtain sent come me?

A: your card order will be processed in ~ one company day and also you need to receive that within 4 days.

Q: ns am a member of mine state cattlemen"s association and also NOT the Have the right to I still get a discounted gift card?

A: No. This is a advantage exclusive to members. You deserve to join on-line and immediately begin receiving member benefits such together the Cabela"s Gift Card.

Q: space there boundaries on the dollar amounts of the gift cards?

A: The minimum is $5 and the maximum amount is $2,000.

Q: How numerous cards have the right to I buy?

A: This is an on-going member benefit. You deserve to purchase as countless cards as you would certainly like, however there is a maximum amount every gift card of $2,000..

Q: I at this time have a Cabela"s branded VISA credit Card that i earn Cabela"s society points on. Can I still knife Cabela"s point out if ns buy the"s gift cards?

A: YES! girlfriend actually gain to "double dip". The purchase of the discount gift card occurs through, so you not just earn your Cabela"s VISA points or Cabela"s club points but you additionally enjoy the 15% discount ~ above the purchase of her"s gift card. Visit or visit a Cabela"s retail save of much more information top top the different Cabela"s programs.

Q: i am concerned about on-line shopping and also putting my credit transaction card on-line. Is this safe?

A: The keep eCommerce site is really secure. has developed multiple security steps to ensure the security of her information and also the transaction.

Q: What if I shed my"s gift card or the is stolen?

A: every card has actually a unique identity. If shed or stolen, simply call Cabela"s Business breakthrough channel through e-mail at and they will change your card and also existing balance on a brand-new card. Be certain to reference the bespeak number listed on the check e-mail you received. This number can additionally be found under my Account once logged in come the

Q: perform I should spend the entire amount that the gift map on one transaction?

A: No. Every card has a distinctive identification number that correspondences with the lot of the card. Every time the map is used, the amount is deducted native the record of the card.

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Q: have the right to I have actually a card ns buy shipped straight to a friend?

A: Cards will just be shipped to the address on the credit card for protection reasons.