With weed gift legal in California, an ext and an ext people are showing up to airports prefer the Santa Monica Airport hope to bring their weed along with them. However, many human being may not recognize that they have the right to still confront penalties for attempting to bring weed top top a flight, even though it might be legit in California. What happens if the TSA records you through weed?

Since marijuana is legit in California, the TSA will likely confiscate the weed must they find it during the screening process. However, they may still contact local authorities if the quantity of weed in your possession is as well high or if you space not the a legal age to possess it.

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If recorded with illegal quantities of weed, friend may challenge penalties pursuant come §11357 the the California Health and also Safety Code.

While weed is legal below in LA, the situation remains more complicated due come the nature of air travel. We’ll discuss an ext in information below.

However, if you are currently facing charges because that possession the marijuana, call us in ~ 323-655-5700 come schedule a cost-free consultation to talk about the details of your case. Wilhelm Kroger is an professional in medicine law and has much more than two years of experience handling marijuana related charges of every types. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin preparing your defense.

Penalties because that Marijuana Possession when Flying in LA

The first, and most important, element to understand around marijuana and air take trip is the the TSA operates under commonwealth jurisdiction, not state. When weed may be legal in ~ California law, the TSA is tied by federal law, and also therefore can technically inform federal regulation enforcement.

However, they are unlikely to perform so.

The most likely outcome is that they will simply confiscate her weed. The DEA is virtually never notified for cases involving marijuana in airports, and the TSA won’t bother notifying regional authorities uneven you possess big amounts or room not of legal age. In those cases, you might incur penalties which we’ll comment on below.It is still no recommended to attempt air travel with marijuana in your possession. It’s quiet illegal to own marijuana ~ above an airplane due to federal regulations. You additionally need to take into consideration your destination; if marijuana is illegal there, you will likely face harsher penalty if it is found when friend land.What walk This median For LA Residents?

Since recreational marijuana is legit in California, what would take place if an LA resides got recorded with weed in somewhere prefer the Santa Monica Airport?

The quick answer is that, in California, if you are over 21 and also caught v a legit amount the weed, the TSA may simply confiscate it. However, the is still no advised to attempt air travel with marijuana, specifically if that is not legal in the state you are flying to.

There are number of circumstances where the TSA may still contact local legislation enforcement, together as once you break California state law. We’ll talk about this below.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in LA Airports

If you are recorded in an airport with illegal amounts of marijuana, or are not the legal age to possess marijuana, local law enforcement might charge you through penalties pursuant to §11357 that the California Health and also Safety password (HSC):

If girlfriend possess much less than 28.5 grams of cannabis or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis (wax, oil, or resin) and also you are:Over 21 - possession is legalOver 18 however under 21 - punishable by a fine as much as $100Under 18 - punishable through a 4 hours of medicine counseling and also up to 10 hours of ar serviceIf girlfriend possess an ext than 28.5 grams of cannabis or 8 grams of focused cannabis and also you are:Over 21 - punishable through a misdemeanor and also up to 6 month in ar jail and/or a well of up to $500Over 18 but under 21 - punishable by up to 6 months in jail or a fine of approximately $500, or bothUnder 18 - punishable by approximately 10 hours of drug counseling and up come 60 hours neighborhood serviceSpecial Circumstances and also Other Questions Can i Fly with Weed If I have a medical Marijuana Card?

No. Medical exemptions because that cannabis space irrelevant exterior of the state in which the exemption is issued, and also airplanes space under federal jurisdiction for this reason there room no exemptions come the illegality that cannabis.

If you space flying in between states, then your clinical marijuana card will most likely not be precious in the state you room traveling come anyway.

What if I’m Flying in between Two states Where Weed is Legal?

It is tho illegal also if you space traveling in between states where weed is legal. The airplane you are traveling top top is technically under commonwealth jurisdiction whereby cannabis is illegal.

Instances wherein travelers are captured attempting to overcome state lines v drugs deserve to be prosecuted more harshly and also with larger penalties. This is why, even though the TSA may not uncover it, the is not wise to effort travel across state lines with marijuana in her possession.

Will the TSA uncover Weed in My checked Bag?

Probably. It is an ext likely the the TSA will discover weed in your confirm luggage since checked bags are randomly searched in ~ a higher rate than carry-ons. As with you, your checked bag goes with a variety of screening procedures to ensure there is nothing illegal or danger in it.

If you shot to hide large quantities of marijuana in your bag, you may be detained as soon as you land and also exit the plane. Your cannabis will most likely be confiscated and also you may be confronted with legal activity for the possession of big amounts of marijuana, especially if you are travelling to a state wherein it is illegal.

Can i Take Hash/Oil/Edibles on a Plane?

No, friend cannot take any kind of three on a plane. Hash, oil, resin, wax, and also edibles space all considered forms of focused cannabis, i beg your pardon is regulated under the same legislations as flower, but possession boundaries are lower.

In California, you may only legally own 8 grams of focused cannabis contrasted to 28.5 grams that flower cannabis.

Does the TSA Look for Marijuana?

In one Instagram article on the TSA’s official account, castle clarified that TSA screening measures are focused on identify potential dangers to plane security, and, together such, TSA policemans do not especially search because that marijuana throughout the screening process.

However, just because they aren’t searching for it doesn’t average they won’t discover it. TSA screening measures regularly disclose drugs of plenty of types. Over there may also be sniffing dogs current at the airport.

In California, drug dogs and their handlers likely won’t do lot with an individual amounts of marijuana various other than merely confiscating it because that disposal. Still, it’s safer not come take the gamble and leave her weed at home when traveling.

What if i am discovered with Weed after Landing in LA?

If friend are uncovered with legal amounts of weed after landing in LA and also are on your way to leave the airport, lock won’t do anything. You room unlikely to be found in the an initial place since getting here passengers are not generally screened at all.

Realistically, you are on California soil through an amount the is legit in this state, so they probably won’t care. If you possess illegal amounts, the is once it becomes an issue and also you might be fee as explained above.

Marijuana Possession in Airports

While you may not face any type of legal activity for attempting to take trip with an individual amounts that marijuana right here in LA, that is still no recommended come try. At the an extremely least, that will most likely be confiscated and also you will shed it forever.

If you effort travel v larger amounts of marijuana, or space not that a legal age to possess it, that is once you may face much more serious legal activity from regional enforcement agencies. Still, you deserve to rest assured that if you forget or coincidentally leave small amounts that weed in your bags as soon as flying the end of LA, it will likely just be confiscated.

However, if you are right now facing any kind of marijuana associated charges, you should call us immediately. William Kroger is an skilled on marijuana law below in California and has properly defended against drug fees of every types. If you require a criminal defense attorney right here in LA, wilhelm Kroger and the rest of our reliable team right here are your ideal option because that a effective defense.

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