Visit for important COVID-19 information for you and your ‘ohana.

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Steps and resources come efficiently arrangement your trip to Maui CountyWhere to obtain vaccinated ~ above Maui, Moloka‘i and also Lana‘iCOVID-19 testing, symptoms and prevention informationCOVID-19 relief resources for businesses and residentsCounty that Maui’s Public health Emergency Rules latest news and also more!

Businesses, residents and visitors should comply with public wellness emergency rules established by the ar of Maui to safeguard our neighborhoods during the COVID-19 outbreak.


IMPORTANT INFORMATIONfor all travelers coming into Maui, Molokai and Lanai.

Travel to Maui county - Guidelines

Travelers space not forced to execute pre-travel testing or quarantine for COVID-19 when traveling in between islands.

Beginning July 8, travelers start Hawaii from various other states in the U.S. And its areas who have actually been totally vaccinated in the United says (including that Territories) might bypass quarantine there is no a pre-travel test. The inoculation record paper must it is in uploaded to the safe Travels communication or printed out prior to departure and also hard copy in hand when getting here in Hawaii.

Other travelers can continue to bypass quarantine through a negative COVID-19 test an outcome from a test taken from a trusted partner no much more than 72 hours prior to beginning the final leg of their trip. Anyone there is no a negative test prior to departure must quarantine upon arrival. The an unfavorable test an outcome must it is in uploaded onto for sure Travels or published out prior to departure and hard copy in hand when showing up in Hawaii.

every travelers arriving into Maui county must complete the State of Hawaii safe Travels

online application.Free community COVID-19 testing is available for every residents. No insurance allowance or symptoms room required. *The test does no qualify because that the State pre-departure test.*

All travelers room strongly urged to obtain a voluntary post-arrival test 72 hours after showing up into Maui County.

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The 2nd test is completely cost-free to travelers, who listed a pre-departure test.

AlohaSafe alert App

county of Maui Public wellness Emergency rules strongly introduce the download that the AlohaSafe alert application or various other Google-Apple exposure an alert system applications for all travelers ~ above the for sure Travels program. because that transpacific and interisland travelers, downloading the exposure notice app is strongly recommended.The AlohaSafe Alert app is compatible with Android and iPhones. Android phones have to be variation 6 or above. IPhones should have actually iOS 13.7 or greater.