Singulair treats allergies and prevents asthma attacks, though it isn’t supplied to treat sudden asthma attacks. Singulair have the right to alleviate symptom of allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and also exercise-induced asthma. It requires a prescription from a clinical professional, so you’ll have to visit her doctor’s office before you deserve to buy it.

Singulair is the brand surname of a generic medication referred to as montelukast sodium. The is no a decongestant, antihistamine, or a steroid. Singulair belongs to a team of medications called leukotriene receptor antagonists. This form of drug functions by prevent the activity of leukotrienes in the body, which room responsible for resulting in inflammation, rubber buildup, and airway constriction and obstruction. Leukotrienes are typically produced by the human body in solution to a stimulus choose an allergen. 

Singulair is manufactured by the pharmaceutical agency Merck, though there are other companies like Teva and also Apotex that manufacture share Singulair (montelukast sodium), which might be a an ext affordable option.

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Singulair Overview



Generic Names:

Montelukast Sodium

What is Singulair offered for?

The Food and also Drug management (FDA) has actually approved Singulair for: 

Allergy relief (seasonal and also perennial allergic rhinitis)

Chronic therapy of asthma

Prevention the exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB), i beg your pardon is also known as exercise-induced asthma

Although Singulair can help prevent asthma attacks, it do not do it be used to relax asthma strikes when lock happen. You have to ask your doctor around which quick-relief inhaler come use v Singulair. 

Additionally, Singulair has actually been provided to law chronic obstructive pulmonary an illness (COPD).

As always, talking through a medical professional is the best method to learn much more about what Singulair deserve to treat and to watch if it’s the ideal medication because that you.

What Form(s) does Singulair Come In?



Chewable Tablet

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What are common Singulair Doses?

Tablet 10MGBottle 30 tablet computers ChewableBottle 90 tablets ChewableBottle 30 TabletsBottle 90 TabletsTablet Chewable 4MGTablet Chewable 5MGBox 30 PacketPacket 1 Packet

Common Singulair Prescriptions

Singulair 30 tablets Bottle

Singulair 30 tablet computers chewable Bottle

Singulair 90 tablet computers Bottle

Singulair 30 packet Box

How to take Singulair

Singulair is available in numerous forms consisting of tablets, chewable tablets, and also oral granules.

Most civilization take Singulair when a day. Because that the therapy of asthma, it’s taken at night because asthma symptoms often tend to be worse at night.

Singulair generally starts to work-related after the very first dose, however it can take approximately a week because that some civilization to notification a change in your symptoms. When it’s in the bloodstream, it takes around 30 hours for it to be eliminated completely. Below are the most typical doses the Singulair for adults:

Singulair because that adults v asthma: 10 mg tablet taken as soon as per work in the evening

Singulair because that adults with allergic rhinitis: 10 mg tablet computer taken when per day

Singulair because that adults v exercise-induced bronchoconstriction: 10 mg tablet computer taken 2 hours before exercising

Singulair Contraindications

This medication is not appropriate for everyone. Carry out not usage it if you had an allergy reaction to montelukast.

Singulair Warnings

Singulair is for sure for most children and adults. It’s approved for use in patients at least 12 months of age for the therapy of asthma, and also patients at least 6 year old for the prevention of exercise-induced asthma. 

It might be safe to use throughout pregnancy if needed, and also there’s no significant evidence showing that Singulair move from mom to child via breastmilk. However, you should constantly consult your doctor before taking medicine while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Singulair Interactions

Singulair may react negative if the taken with particular medications. World with a sensitivity to aspirin have to not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) v Singulair. That may also react negative with specific prescription drugs, like prednisone and also albuterol. Provide your physician with a complete list of your medicines to prevent drug-drug interactions.

However, acquisition Singulair at the exact same time as other allergy or asthma medications, choose Zyrtec and also Claritin, might be forced for some people. This antihistamines work differently than Singulair to treat allergies however could be much more effective when combined.

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Singulair next Effects

Possible side results of acquisition Singulair can include:








Runny nose

Sore throat

Stomach pain

Singulair might cause an ext serious side effects that can require medical attention. The FDA proposal seeking clinical attention if you develop flu-like symptoms, a rash, numbness, mood alters (depression, anxiety, problem sleeping), significant sinus inflammation. Back rare, an allergy reaction come Singulair is additionally possible.

On Mar. 4, 2020, the FDA exit a Boxed Warning because that Singulair to carry attention come the major mood and also behavioral transforms that can take place for human being taking Singulair. In extreme cases, these behavioral changes have actually resulted in suicide. The FDA has figured out that for part people, the benefits of Singulair i will not ~ outweigh its side effects. If you’re suffering mood or habits changes and are acquisition Singulair, it’s ideal to speak v your doctor as quickly as possible.

Singulair vs. Claritin

It’s overwhelming to think that the plenty of different asthma and allergy medications that are easily accessible on the market. 2 of the most typical allergy medications that medical professionals prescribe space Singulair and also Claritin, i beg your pardon are sometimes used in tandem. View the lists listed below to find out a tiny bit much more about the difference between the two medications.


Standard dose: 10 mg taken when per job in the evening

Common next effects: Cough, diarrhea, drowsiness, earache, fever, headache, heartburn, runny nose, ill throat, stomach pain


Standard dose: 10 mg taken as soon as per day

Common side effects: Diarrhea, dried mouth, headache, mouth sores, nervousness, nosebleeds, red or itchy eyes, ill throat, stomach pain, problem sleeping, weakness

Singulair options for allergies

Singulair is commonly prescribed by doctors to treat allergy in adults and also children. It’s generally taken as soon as a job to aid treat allergic rhinitis and seasonal allergies, and also can potentially be taken long-term to law year-round allergies.

Sometimes doctors will prescribe Singulair with another medication, choose Zyrtec or Claritin.

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“Singulair can be provided alone, or it have the right to be offered in combination with dental antihistamines (like Allegra and Xyzal), sleep antihistamines (like azelastine), and intranasal steroids (like Nasacort and Flonase),” says Kathleen Dass, MD, in ~ Michigan Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Center. “There is no a one-size-fits-all treatment setup so some civilization may benefit from only Singulair, yet some might need other medications to feeling better.”

If you can’t take it Singulair for part reason, right here are some choices that you might talk with your doctor around taking:

Combining Singulair with lifestyle changes and natural remedies may also aid relieve allergy symptoms. Adding details foods to your diet like neighborhood honey, garlic, and also apple cider vinegar can assist reduce inflammation and assist the human body respond far better to allergens. Keeping your house clean deserve to also assist reduce the amount of allergens you’re exposed to.

“Whenever someone has allergies, that is essential to find out what you room allergic to,” says Dr. Dass. “If we have the right to clarify your ecological allergens, then lifestyle adjustments can it is in recommended favor vacuuming carpets weekly, washing bed sheets in warm water weekly, or maintaining pets exterior the bedroom.”

Singulair is a good medication once it concerns allergies, however it’s likewise not the just solution. Talking through a healthcare experienced is the best way to learn more about Singulair, allergies, and what the right action plan is for you.