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In the past two years, California and Oregon have become the an initial states in which women can get birth manage without a doctor"s visit.

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Now, legislator in Missouri, Hawaii, Washington, south Carolina and Tennessee space considering comparable bills the would allow pharmacists come prescribe birth manage pills, patches, and rings — basically, all the forms of birth manage that a pharmacy have the right to sell.

This means women might go come the pharmacy, acquire a prescription, and also fill the prescription all in one visit.

All scientific evidence accessible suggests this is a great idea. The joined States has actually a much greater unintended pregnancy price than most other developed countries, so anything that provides it much easier to avoid pregnancy should be a welcome policy intervention. And birth control is an incredibly safe medication the women have the right to take with few complications. Gynecologists have said that it"s actually more secure than common over-the-counter medications, prefer Advil or Tylenol.

"There is a hazard of blood clots v OC use, however it is exceptionally low and significantly lower than the hazard of blood clots during pregnancy and also the postpartum period," the American university of Obstetricians and also Gynecologists writes on the issue. "Aspirin and also acetaminophen room both available OTC also though lock have well-known health risks."

The only means these states could improve that would certainly be by making bear control available over the counter, there is no a prescription native anyone. This would eliminate one more obstacle to obtaining contraceptives: without a prescription, women might grab birth control pills off the shelf during hours once the pharmacy was closed. That would also eliminate any kind of social stigma that comes along with talking come the pharmacist.

Most countries allow over-the-counter birth control

Most countries now permit over-the-counter bear control, one of two people informally or formally, one 2012 study found. However, phibìc American and also European nations still tend to require prescriptions:


One 2011 study contrasted women who lived nearby on the various sides that the joined States–Mexico border. Ladies who stayed in the United claims were 60 percent an ext likely come discontinue their use of the Pill compared with mexico women, that didn"t require a prescription to get the medication.

Survey research study shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, solid interest from females in making bear control easily accessible over the counter.

What"s maybe an ext surprising is the bi-partisan agreement in donate of over-the-counter bear control. Republic like Gov. Bobby Jindal the Louisiana and Sen. Cory Gardner the Colorado have come the end in support. Democracy say they"re in favor of the too, but stipulate the insurance companies have to still have to cover the cost, choose they execute under Obamacare.

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Bills presented by both Gardner and also Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) haven"t gone anywhere, leaving females stuck in an unnecessary and time-consuming process.

Correction: This post originally misstated Sen. Patty Murray"s residence state. The is Washington.

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