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execute you shower head regularly? If so, good. Do you shower v your call lenses on? If so, not good.... <+> (Photo: Getty Images)


Non-sterilized water and also contact lenses are favor alcohol and texting your ex. They have to never mix. Otherwise, negative things could happen. And unless her shower head pumps the end almond butter, a shower might easily lug water into call with whatever is in her eyes. This would certainly be call lenses if you are wearing them in the shower. Law so could end increase damaging your contact lenses and, much more importantly, her eyes. It can even land friend inthe New England journal of Medicine.

While doctors and researchers may like to write for theNew England newspaper of Medicine,you don"t want to finish up as the subject of a situation report. That frequently way that something went horribly wrong. Because that example, in a recent instance report,Lanxing Fu, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.Ophth., from Manchester royal Eye Hospital and Ahmed Gomaa, M.B., Ch.B, M.D., F.R.C.S. FromBlackpool Victoria Hospital explained whathappened to a 41-year-old mrs who had actually worn she disposable soft call lenseswhile swimming and showering. She started experiencing pain, blurry vision, and sensitivityto light in her left eye. Two months later, medical professionals saw her at one ophthalmology clinic and also found parasites, the an outcome of which was rather a sight that had damaged her eyesight. Here is a snapshot of what lock saw:

Images in Clinical Medicine: Acanthamoeba Keratitis https://t.co/b0j6MQewSV pic.twitter.com/weH1kWMpsT

NEJM) July 18, 2019

The green in the snapshot is in reality a dye used to highlight any damage to the cornea, the transparent external covering end the front of the eyeball. Scrapings of she cornea revealed a types of parasite,Acanthamoeba polyphaga,which is frequently found in different water sources such together lakes, swim pools, insanity water, and also heating and air conditioning units. Store that in psychic the next time you try to placed an air conditioning unit in your eye.

When brought into call with your eyeball, this parasite can infect your cornea and also causea condition called acanthamoeba keratitis. This epidemic can an outcome in scarring, which might impair or even result in a ns of vision. In this woman"s case, treatment with topical polihexanide and also propamidine isethionate helped get rid of the parasite. However a thick corneal scar and also cataract remained in she eye, leaving her with an obstacle seeing out of that eye. Ultimately she had actually to experience corneal transplant surgery to assist restore she vision.

A similar thing taken place to Nick Humphreys. As a reporter because that the Shropshire Star,he was able to chronicle his ownstruggles withacanthamoeba keratitis. He wrote around how he"s "lost 18 months of my life since of miscellaneous as straightforward as showering through contacts in," and had gone completely blind in his best eye. He has actually gone through many pain, treatments, two surgeries, and also depression and anxiety. He still doesn"t have vision in his right eye and is awaiting a complete corneal transplant booked to take location on august 15.

This video clip from the Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC) profiles a third case ofacanthamoeba keratitis:

Still desire to shower head while wearing contact lenses?

The solution is not to prevent showering every together. No showering can make you an extremely unpopular andhave things start sticking to her body. The difficulty is not Acanthamoeba polyphagapossibly gift in the shower head water yet the contact lenses. Acanthamoeba keratitis israre if you are not wearing call lenses. Contact lenses, though, if they are not effectively stored, cleaned, and also removed, deserve to retain microbes and also essentially push or trap them against your eyeball. Call lenses can prevent friend from blinking or tearing the microbes out of your eyes. In this case, tearing doesn"t average ripping, which would certainly be horrible, however instead method what happens when you see increased let Jack walk in the movieTitanic. Also when you are not openly weeping, her tears are frequently neutralizing microbes and washing the end your eyes. Wearing call lenses can disrupt your eyes" natural defenses. Things couldget even worse if her lenses and dirt under them cause little abrasions in her cornea, providing microbes an open door come enter.

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You might want to look cool when you are in the hot tub, yet wearing call lenses is no the way to... <+> do that. (Photo: Getty Images)


Therefore, if you want to wear contact lenses, you have to take proper precautions. Contact lenses are not choose the dubious fashion trend of small sunglasses. The risk of wearing them all the time is an ext than just ridicule. Take them out while friend sleep, shower, swim, sit in a jacuzzi, pretend that you space Michael Phelps in a hot tub, or stick your head right into an air conditioning unit. Closing your eyes or put on a welding mask might not fully prevent water from splashing in your eyes while showering or soaking in a warm tub. (OK, attract a welding mask may, yet that would probably defeat the objective of wearing contact lenses.)

Moreover, execute not use tap water come clean her lenses. For Pete"s sake and also your sake, don"t placed them in your mouth. Use just approved and sterilized remedies to clean and store your contact lenses. Extensively wash and also dry her hands before handling your contact lenses so that you don"t accidentally get tap water on her lenses. And if you injure your eye or develop any kind of eye-related symptoms, don"t stay your call lenses. Instead, see your physician immediately. Otherwise, you may risk no seeing anything in ~ all. You want to save your pair that sights and also not gain a parasite.

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