You have the right to order a telegram online and also it will certainly be delivered to the recipient on paper. Enter the street address of the recipient and your message, and also pay by credit or debit card. The telegram will certainly be ceded by a courier come the door the the recipient, in a sealed envelope.

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* offers the international telegram business formerly listed by the FTCC, i m sorry was established in 1895 with the target of laying a transatlantic telegraph cable. As part of its legacy, is now using the FTCC’s historical telegraphic nation prefix. is regulation by the FCC as an intensified service provider under Title i (FCC it is registered Number (FRN): 0025305764).

Initially, while Western Union was managing domestic delivery, the FTCC was responsible for international, financial, and government traffic. Due to the fact that the Internet division was opened up in 1995, a telegram deserve to be sent through this website to any kind of destination—domestic, international, or ~ above the high seas.

The expense depends on the length and destination, and starts at around $30 because that a short telegram. You can click ~ above “Price and Send Now” and test the pricing interactively—change the text as many times together you like before proceeding to payment.

The distribution speed relies on the destination. You re welcome consult “Resources.. Shipment information by country” because that details. Part examples: USA service address: very same day; USA residential address: same or following day; Japan: exact same day, far islands next day; Italy: exact same or following day. The cut-off time for same-day distribution is noon in ~ the destination.

Unfinished (not paid-for) telegram submissions space canceled by the system automatically after 5 days. If girlfriend still great to proceed, you re welcome follow the payment connect in the e-mail receipt. The original submission date will stand.

Please contact us and also a delivery specialist will certainly take care of the problem. It is not inexplicable for suppliers to refuse acknowledgment of receipt, particularly of cancellation telegrams. However, for 20 years, us have had a 100% cancellation success rate.

I would favor the telegram come be delivered on a specific date (for a ceremony, funeral, celebration, etc.). Deserve to I execute that?

Email confirmations room not sent, but you can check delivery details through the tracking system.

Yes. Delivery is performed end satellite link within six hours. Please incorporate the cabin number, if available.

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Please check the different payment receipt because that the tracking number. Go into the tracking number on our website to watch the delivery status.