Is it safe to wear call lenses while showering or sleeping?

No. It’s absolutely no safe come wear contacts while immersed in water or as soon as sleeping (unless you have contacts specifically intended for overnight wear).

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Sleeping in your contact lenses have the right to dry the end your eyes and also potentially injury your vision as a result of infection. Contact lenses should likewise be maintained away indigenous water together it’s a natural breeding ground for bacteria and also microorganisms, which can gain trapped under the contact lens, placing you at risk of a waterborne eye infection.

Why Does sleeping in Contacts boost the risk of Infection?

To continue to be healthy, her corneas call for hydration and oxygen. Blinking keeps your eyes wet, and also the tears girlfriend produce enable oxygen to go into your eyes.

Sleeping in typical contacts boundaries the lot of oxygen and also hydration the reach her eyes. As a result, your corneas are much more dry and susceptible to corneal abrasion, and they have a more tough time fighting bacteria, causing your eyes to be an ext prone come infection.

If, after sleeping in contact lenses, you experience blurred vision, discharge from your eyes, redness or watering, you may have an eye infection. Left untreated, infection deserve to lead come corneal damage, and—in too much cases—loss the vision.

What space the dangers of Showering if Wearing Contacts?

Contact lens wearers are more likely to build keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea, if your lenses come into call with water. Left untreated, keratitis can reason vision loss.

In microbial keratitis, microorganisms attack the cornea and also cause an infection of the eye. The microbe that cause these infections have the right to be uncovered in a variety of water sources, consisting of rivers, lakes and streams, showers, tap, a swimming pool or jacuzzi. Normally, the antimicrobial properties of tears protect your eyes, yet that procedure is hindered by contact lenses.

Furthermore, contact lenses have the right to stick to your eye once exposed come water, potentially bring about corneal abrasions. This scratches may permit microorganisms found in non-sterile water to penetrate the cornea and also cause one infection.

Eye care Tips for contact Lens Wearers

In order to prevent eye infections, it’s crucial to monitor the tips below. However, do not take into consideration these advice as clinical advice. Always speak to your eye doctor for separation, personal, instance advice on wearing and also caring because that your contact lenses. Protect against water when wearing contacts. Store your contacts far from water. Make certain to remove your contacts prior to showering, bathing, or swimming. Don’t wash or keep your contacts in water, and also if it does occur, make certain to throw away or disinfect lock thoroughly. Don’t sleep in her contacts. Stop wearing your contacts when sleeping, uneven you have actually special overnight lenses or your eye doctor has actually told you that it’s safe to do so. Usage clean hands. Constantly wash her hands and dry lock thoroughly before touching her contacts. Follow product instructions. Constantly follow the directions as soon as cleaning or disinfecting her contacts. Keep contacts properly. Make sure your contact are specifically stored in fresh contact lens solution. Never ever reuse old solution. Undertake contacts because that the appropriate length of time. Avoid wearing your contacts for much longer than the recommended time period.

So, remove those lenses prior to going come bed and showering. If you endure symptoms choose eye pain, discharge, or sensitivity come light, instantly remove your lenses and also consult Maison Optique Vision center in Lafayette without delay.


Who deserve to wear call lenses?

Almost everyone deserve to wear call lenses, no issue their age, prescription or lifestyle.

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What if ns accidentally fall asleep with my contacts?

If you autumn asleep through your contacts on, you might wake up through them fastened to her eye"s surface. If they don"t come out easily, blink and apply lens drops till the surface ar of her eye is moist. That must make it simpler to remove the lenses.