DEARBORN, Mich. -- "Tis the season to it is in shopping online, yet you won"t think what a Michigan man tried offering on ebay!On Thursday, Mohammad Tiba tried offering his kidney ~ above ebay.The advertisement read, "I to be auctioning one of my kidneys. Yes, an organ. Both room in an excellent working order and also are still in mine body. I am a 23 year old male with O+ blood type. Although I execute not have actually diabetes or high blood pressure, i do have actually a family background of both. I have actually never passed a kidney stone. I carry out not drink but I to be a smoker. If friend have any kind of other questions, carry out not hesitate to ask. Ns hope through auctioning my kidney the I could save a life. Final price and/or purchase it now price execute NOT encompass medical and travel expenses. Revenue is not final and may or may not be authorized by me. If I execute not grant of the transport of the kidney, you will certainly be refunded minus eBay fee"s."In a series of tweets, he encouraged human being to walk to ebay and also bid on his organ. Later on in the afternoon, ebay took down the ad.According to the national Organ Transplant Act, a commonwealth law, the is illegal to buy or offer organs . If found guilty, a person and can be punished v up come $50,000 in fines or five years in prison. Tiba responded to the media by tweeting, "Here is my official statement to the media on my kidney auction." His full response is posted below: "People die everyday waiting for a kidney transplant. Prior to the nationwide Organ Transplant Act to be passed, civilization could receive compensation for an organ THEY chose to give away. NOTA took far that catalyst claiming the the government has a better right on ours bodies 보다 we do.Money is no the issue. In fact, I believe I am offering myself quick considering the William Shatner sold his kidney rock for $25,000. I execute not intend of seeking attention. My score is to adjust the law, together it was recently adjusted for compensation for bone marrow. If world can be compensated for their kidney, the wait perform for a transplant would be significantly much shorter than the 3-5 year wait. EBay has actually recently removed my listing.

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Ns will soon repost the auction and find various other sites to execute the same."
He additionally tweeted, "Imagine the government said you can sell your car for profit and instead had to donate it or obtain a $50,000 fine/5 years #repealNOTA." There is no word however on whether or not police are affiliated at this time, or even if it is Tiba will challenge charges.