I just gained a pretty great size owl on mine thigh and also I am wondering once I have to start increase again based on others experiences. I'm dying to run however I don't want to screw up something that's ~ above my human body forever!


Wait till the scabbing and peeling are done prior to an intense workout. As soon as the tat peels the color is pretty much set.

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A quick run won't hurt, however don't walk all out and sweat prefer a maniac.

Source: i havea most ink (a lot), some applied really recently, and my artist has actually told me the above on several different visits.

I'm a real sweaty lady ha! I got it excellent Sunday so ns feel it itching a little, so possibly wait a week then?

Wait, what? were you said to take it a rest from to run or something? I mean I recognize for a particular short duration of time you have to avoid gaining it wet, and also be careful around exposing it to the sun, yet other than that your running need to not it is in affected.

Source: I have actually two tattoos

I was told I must wait yet wasn't provided a time frame. If it was in a various location ns wouldn't it is in concerned however it is ideal on mine thigh and I'm not sure if the running motion, sweat, and compression shorts would certainly play an result or dim the colors?

Had a huge piece done on mine upper earlier a tiny over a week ago. My tattoo man said i was fine to run right away - but not come wear something that would certainly rub top top it as well much.

I've got multiple tattoos and also it's never collection me ago running yet then, ns heal quite quickly. As soon as I was younger, I had the whole bottom of mine foot tattooed (don't ask, I assumed it would certainly be badass.. And also it actually was because that a while) and ended up having actually to execute a 10 mile the next day at work-related (military)... That was no enjoyable (when ns took my sock off, the4 photo of the tattoo had rubbed turn off onto it) yet I endured unharmed.

Damn!! That's intense! I ended up to run today and everything to be fine. I may be a tad overprotective of my ink:)

I waited two days, but I got mine on mine fore arm so location was no a concern... How high is that on your thigh? inner thigh? If its walking to be rubbing versus other skin/clothing i would highly advise versus running till its cure fully, as you dont desire the chaffing come peel the scab off. If it no be rubbing up versus anything climate you could go operation tonight if girlfriend wanted.

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Where on her thigh? girlfriend aren't going come fuck increase the tattoo, yet it won't it is in comfortable. The people on the insides of mine thighs I organized off because that closer to a week, but the outside/back of mine leg i ran the next day.