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Buying baby formula in advancement is a an excellent idea! However, it deserve to come back to bite you if you wind increase purchasing baby formula the you can’t return. This to be the situation with the littlest in the house.

He’s to be on a few different formulas (it was a trial and error procedure to uncover one that operated well for him.) Ultimately, i wound up donating almost $200 precious of formula to other people.

It was an excellent to help someone else the end that was in a stormy situation, yet I could have really used the money from return it. So it’s important to know, can friend return baby formula, and also are there details rules?

Since then, I’ve carefully calculated just how much formula we will need, and make certain to stay ahead of the game. I usually buy in bulk on Amazon now, but I have actually shopped various other places. I constantly make sure to check out the return policy simply in case.

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Most Stores will certainly Not allow You come Return opened up Formula

Some stores will let you return or exchange formula if girlfriend accidentally to buy the dorn brand once. However, I have never heard of a store enabling a human being to return a have the right to of opened up formula.

This is due to the fact that there can be miscellaneous in the formula making it unsafe. One more reason is that retailers will not have the ability to re-sell a deserve to of opened formula, for this reason they will automatically have to take it a loss.

You’ll much more Than most likely Need A Receipt to Return Formula

Not just does the can need to be unopened, yet most stores will also require a receipt. This is because that a pair of reasons. First, the store demands to make sure that girlfriend purchased the formula from them.

Second, you’ll should receive a refund the suitable way. If girlfriend paid with SNAP benefits, the refund will need to be applied to your SNAP card, for example.

Last, people aren’t permitted to return the formula the they received on WIC.

There space a lot of of civilization that receive cost-free formula indigenous WIC, and also there space plenty of world that have actually tried to rotate this right into a scam by attempting to sell or return the formula that they do not need, i beg your pardon is fraud and also is illegal.

Make sure you have actually a receipt prior to trying to return the formula.


Yes, you can return the formula at Walmart as lengthy as you have actually the receipt.

Stores that carry out not have actually a high problem with theft or individuals attempting to return formula they got on WIC may still offer you keep credit because that formula if you carry out not have actually the receipt.

However, this is top top a store by keep basis. If girlfriend don’t have the receipt, call your regional store and ask them.

Can i Take Formula earlier To Kroger?

Kroger is a grocery only store that sells standard-sized items. They likewise have among the strictest return policies.

They perform not expropriate returns on many items unless it is to buy by mistake, damaged or offered after the expiration date. Friend will more than most likely not have the ability to return the formula without a receipt.

Can friend Return Formula to CVS?

CVS is known for gift a pharmacy, however they do have actually plenty of other items available, consisting of baby formula. If the deserve to is unopened, has not expired, and you have the receipt, you won’t have any kind of problem return it.

Returning Formula to Walgreens

Walgreens has a pretty basic return policy, similar to CVS. As long as the container has actually not to be opened and you have your receipt, you won’t have a difficulty returning the product.

However, save in mind that managers can refuse to expropriate returns because that their own reasons, such together if castle no longer lug the item so they know it was not purchased recently.

Can i Return infant Formula come Dollar General?

Dollar general will permit you come return anything that you have purchased within the critical thirty days noted that it is unopened and also you have actually the receipt.

They can likewise let you return points without the receipt. Dollar general does not take WIC, so you shouldn’t have a difficulty returning the formula if you shed the receipt.

Does Meijer Let customers Return baby Formula?

Meijer will only let friend return infant formula if the is no WIC eligible. WIC only allows participants to acquisition a certain sized can of formula, for this reason if yours is a different size you should be able to return it.

If it’s an object that someone may have used WIC to purchase, you cannot return it. Some managers may make an exception if you have a receipt come prove that you go not purchase it on WIC, however this is rare.


Returning Formula to Aldi

You can return the formula come Aldi noted that you have actually the receipt and it has actually not been opened. If you cannot provide proof that purchase, most store managers will not let girlfriend return it. If the product has actually been opened, you cannot return it.

Publix lets You Return nearly Anything

Publix has a pretty good return policy. You can return just around anything, and they might even offer you save credit if something has actually been opened.

Having a receipt have the right to be helpful, but you have the right to usually still gain a refund there is no one. It’s as much as the store associate even if it is they provide a refund, though.

Can girlfriend Return infant Formula At totality Foods?

You have the right to return noþeles from entirety foods as long as it has not been opened, and you have actually a receipt.

This includes any formula the was purchased within the past ninety days. You’ll receive a refund the same way that you paid because that the formula.

Giant Eagle Return policy For infant Formula

Giant Eagle is not as well-known as the various other stores top top the list, yet they perform still wind up offering their fair share of infant formula.

If you’d like to return the formula that you purchased at giant Eagle, it shouldn’t it is in a problem. If you have actually a receipt you deserve to receive a refund. If not, you’ll much more than most likely receive a gift map for the lot of the purchase.

Can you Return Formula in ~ Safeway?

Safeway will let customers return items purchased to the original store the they purchased them from, however this does not apply to baby formula. Baby formula is not a returnable item at Safeway stores.

What Else deserve to You execute With Unused Formula?

If you have actually plenty the formula (which we did when the grandbaby switched from Neosure come Gerber), it deserve to be a pain having twenty can be ~ of formula the you recognize you aren’t going to use taking up an are in her kitchen.


If you can’t return it since you don’t have actually the receipt or it’s previous the 90 days, friend still have actually some options. Girlfriend can:

Join a blessing team on Facebook and also give it to someone the is in need of formulaDonate unopened formula come a local food pantry or churchGive it to a soon-to-be mommy in instance they wind up utilizing the exact same brandTake it come Babies R united state for cash or keep creditSell that onlineMix it v the new brand you’re using to make sure it doesn’t walk to wasteDonate it come a hospital or doctor’s office in case someone demands itContact children’s solutions to inquire around places come donate unopened formula

Baby formula is expensive, and I hate wasting things that I understand other civilization could use, so i always shot to donate what i can.

I donated all of the extra Similac Neosure come a mommy whose infant was top top it, and she hadn’t got WIC yet so she had no formula. This is always an option.

In Conclusion

Most stores have the right to make exception to their return policy, however will only do therefore if they have the right to verify that the item was no purchased making use of WIC, the have the right to of formula is unopened, and also it is not past the expiration date.

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If you just cannot convince them come let girlfriend return it, think about helping someone rather by donating it to that you can.


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