With Costco being together a popular location for a wide range of commodities at low prices, it’s no wonder people love the brand, specifically with its generosity return policy. 

However, if you have purchased a product indigenous Costco, you might be wonder if you can still return it without a receipt. And also if so, just how do you carry out it and what are the limitations? below is what ns discovered.

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Costco Return policy Without Receipt 2021

Costco will accept returns without a receipt in 2021 thanks to their risk-free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Since all to buy made in ~ Costco room done through a member card, Costco can conveniently look back at previous purchases on your database, so no receipt is necessary.

For an ext information top top Costco’s return policy, exactly how to return an item, and limitations, keep on reading!

How perform You Return Items To Costco without A Receipt? 

Since Costco has actually one that the most generous and loved return plans in the industry, plus their membership cards, it’s surprisingly basic to return assets without a receipt!

Here is a simple walkthrough of how to execute it.

When return a product to Costco without a receipt, that is encourage (but not essential) to carry in all accessories, packaging, boxes, and also manuals the came through the initial product.

Additionally, client will also be forced to lug in your Costco membership card or member number to process the return.

Once in-store, a Costco team member will be able to look up your previous purchases and also see that the article you space returning to be in-deed purchased native Costco.

Side note: Unlike various other retailers, having a Costco member is a vast advantage together it stores every your previous purchases ~ above the Costco database, for this reason the card itself is a receipt!

After a Costco team member has seen the proof of the purchase, they will certainly then initiate the returns process and refund you the amount ~ above the initial card in which you purchased the item.

Are There any kind of Limitations for Returning Items there is no a Receipt?


Since returning a product to Costco without a receipt is the same just like one (thanks to their membership cards), the same restrictions apply.

While nearly every product that Costco selling comes with a 100% life time guarantee, there are specific categories of items (mainly electronics), that don’t autumn into this lifetime guarantee.

Here is a perform of assets that you can’t go back to Costco ~ 90 days, one of two people without or without a receipt:

TVsProjectorsMajor appliances (freezers, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, dryers, ranges, water heaters)ComputersTabletsSmartwatchesCamcordersMP3 playersSmartphones

Does Costco expropriate Returns Of Gifts without a Receipt? 

Yes, Costco accepts gift return from non-members without a receipt. However, girlfriend will require the membership number of the person who make the purchase.

Most gifts can be returned any type of time and also are normally refunded onto a Costco cash card, which is usable by members and non-members. 

What Items can not Be Returned To Costco without a Receipt? 

You can not return the complying with items come Costco because that a complete refund through or without a receipt: 

AlcoholCigarettesDiamondsLimited lifetime products, together as car batteries and tiresSpecial assignment made through a kiosk

How execute You Return Or Replace items From your Costco digital Order?

You can return or change items indigenous your online order in-store or online.

To inquiry a return or instead of online, log into your account in ~ Costco.com and select assignment & Returns, complying with the prompts to obtain your return label or schedule a pickup (in standard locations).

For larger items, you will certainly get an email with added instructions. 

Some items will certainly need added online handling time prior to the refund is issued, so for prompt refunds, return your purchased items to your nearest Costco warehouse location.  

Does Costco keep Track Of Returns? 

While Costco doesn’t crack down on every customer’s returns, the agency does monitor the variety of returns the customers make.

Those who typically return items through a big price tag could be flagged in the system, and customers return items that are visibly used.

Because Costco’s return plan is therefore lenient, customer-service representatives have to ensure the rule aren’t gift bent. 

To discover more, you deserve to see our various other guides on what Costco does with returns, the Costco glasses return policy, the Costco press return policy, and the Costco iPad return policy.

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Conclusion: Costco Return there is no A Receipt Policy

You can return most items come Costco without the initial receipt because that a refund, consisting of your Costco membership itself.

Make sure the article doesn’t have a details return period, and that all the components are present before returning it to the store.

Alternatively, girlfriend can quickly return or change items the you purchase online through the self-service portal in ~ Costco.com.