When it pertains to being able to take back something you’ve bought, the doesn’t gain much better in the human being of retail than the Costco return policy.

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The warehouse club has a near-legendary return policy that is so generous it is sometimes abused by customers. (Ever tried returning a dead Christmas tree in January? Costco will evidently take it.)

We know you’ve acquired questions, specifically about the Costco return policy for electronic devices such together TVs and also laptops. Here’s what you must know prior to you head to the store.

Costco Return Policy: Know before You Go

The ground rule when it pertains to Costco’s refund policy is that you deserve to basically return anything, at any type of time, no concerns asked — through some restricted exceptions.

That extends come merchandise choose computers, mattresses, TVs and your membership. So, yes, in theory, you might cancel your membership and also get a full refund on your yearly dues if you’re no happy at any time.

Now, let’s take a deep dive right into Costco’s return policy.

Table that Contents

1. I Don’t have My Receipt. Have the right to I still Return the Item?


The Costco electronic devices return policy is a notable exemption to the generous means the warehouse society handles returns.

Here’s a perform of electronics and appliances that you have the right to return just within 90 days ~ you get the item:

TelevisionsProjectorsComputersTabletsSmart watchesCamerasAerial cameras (drones)CamcordersMP3 playersCellular phones (details differ by carrier contract)Refrigerators above 10 cu. Ft.FreezersRangesCooktopsOver-the-range microwavesDishwashersWashers and also dryers

3. What Is the Costco Diamond Return Policy?


The capability to return wine, beer and spirits different by state law — exact same for cigarettes — therefore be certain to examine with your local club because that specifics.

5. One-of-a-kind Considerations because that Tires and also Batteries


As a basic rule, item purchased v special bespeak kiosks or that room customized in some method can’t be returned.

For example, the Costco Photo facility offers a wide selection of photograph gifts. Past just custom cards, there are things choose mugs, banners, calendars, litter rugs and an ext that you can put a picture on to personalize them.

Items like this can’t be returned.

You have the right to read an ext about Costco’s photo services here.

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Final Thought

Costco has actually a very customer-friendly return policy. But there are limits, so store that in mind and check the end the website before you head come the keep to do a return.

Should a conflict arise as soon as you try to return something, remember the all returns space processed at the manager’s discretion. And understand that, if you shot to abuse the policy, it could lead to your membership gift canceled!