Are friend unsatisfied through an alcohol addict beverage purchased indigenous Costco? Learn about the Costco return policy ~ above alcohol in our guide, and also find the end whether you have the right to return it. can help you record a return request with Costco in a issue of minutes!

The Costco Alcohol Return plan Explained

Costco may accept return on alcohol in ~ 90 job of purchase, depending upon where girlfriend live. Some claims ban return of alcohol addict beverages, when others allow it under details conditions. You deserve to return alcohol if:

It’s not suitable to be consumedIt’s spoiled or expiredYou purchased it by mistake

Some Costco areas may additionally require beverages to it is in unopened and with their initial packaging intact.

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You can contact your neighborhood Costco to examine whether alcohol returns are allowed. Right here are Costco’s customer support contact numbers:

DepartmentPhone NumberOperating HoursCostco.com1-800-955-2292Mon–Fri (5 a.m. To 8 p.m.)Sat–Sun (5 a.m. To 7 p.m.)Costco Membership and Warehouse1-800-774-2678Mon–Fri (6 a.m. Come 6 p.m.)Sat–Sun (8 a.m. To 5 p.m.)

Costco typically doesn’t call for a receipt to accept a product return since they have the right to track product purchases indigenous memberships.

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If you no a member, you require a receipt together proof that you’re the item’s original buyer.

Costco doesn’t charge a restocking fee for returns.

How will Costco concern Your Refund?

The refund technique depends on whereby you return the product, as follows:

LocationsRefund MethodCostco WarehousesCashAll Visa CardsATM CardsCostco Member personal ChecksCostco Member organization ChecksTraveler’s ChecksCostco Shop CardsEBT cardsMobile Payment (Google Pay, apple Pay, Samsung Pay)Costco Gas StationsThe Costco everywhere VisaAll Visa CardsATM CardsCostco Shop CardsCostco.comATM CardsAll Visa CardsThe Costco all over VisaCostco Shop CardsMasterCardDiscover Cards (Including JCB and also Diners Club)

How to Return Alcohol come Costco: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you’re hopeful that your local Costco accepts alcohol returns, you can return your purchase:

In personVia mail

Returning Alcohol come a Costco Location

If you’d favor to get a refund best away, you need to return the items in person. To do so, follow this steps:

Pack the alcohol addict beverage within its initial packaging or another perfect containerTell a salesperson you’d favor to return a purchase

Returning Alcohol via Mail

If girlfriend purchased your item online, you deserve to request a return or a instead of on Costco’s website and return the product via mail by law the following:

Locate Orders and also ReturnsFind her orderClick top top the Return items buttonDownload your return label and print itPlace the product within an proper containerFollow extr packaging instructions noted by CostcoAttach the shipping brand to the boxMail it come the appropriate address or schedule a pickup (if possible)

Shipping and handling fees will certainly be refunded together the article price. You i will not ~ be charged for the return shipping cost.

Don’t let Costco’s Alcohol Return plan Intimidate You—Let Send a Return inquiry on her Behalf

Costco’s return plan on alcohol have the right to be confusing, and the whole return procedure is normally time-consuming. If you’d like to stop heading over to the nearest Costco save or wasting hrs trying to mail the item, you should rely ~ above

Our Return my purchase tool can help you breeze a return inquiry letter and send it to Costco in simply a few clicks. Here’s what you need to do:

Search for the Return My purchase productAnswer a couple of questions and submit the form

We will certainly send a detailed return request letter explaining the reasons for her return and administer a cost-free shipping label. The letter will set a deadline because that the vendor and state the solution you expect.


Not gaining a Refund back You worthy One? demand It through!

If you have returned the item and also think the you’re eligible because that a refund, you can use our application to send a refund request by completing these steps:

Search for the Chargeback soon productClick top top Get ProtectedAnswer a couple of questionsSign and also Submit the document

Within minutes, we will certainly send a tailor-made refund inquiry letter to the retailer in her stead.

Has Costco Wronged You? Sue it in small Claims Court v’s Help!

If Costco fan you a refund or refuses come compensate for damaged products, you can sue lock in tiny claims court through the aid of—the world’s an initial robot lawyer recognized by the American Bar Association.

Here are several of the jobs our app can help you with:

Gathering every one of the crucial paperworkWriting a need letterFilling the end all court formsFiling her complaintCreating a script with the strongest argumentation to usage in court

What various other Item Return Requests can aid With?

If you obtained unwanted or damaged item from various other stores, our application can aid you return them. Some of the retailers can file return requests through include: Is a understand at obtaining What’s Rightfully Yours

Are you dealing with a firm that refuses to approve your return? once we send a refund inquiry in her stead, us can additionally prepare all the paperwork you should sue the merchant in tiny claims court and also win your case.

Need a legal document for the lawsuit? draw it up with our handy tool. Desire to obtain any record notarized and also fax it come someone? we have products that deserve to do that for you as well.

Has an airline rescheduled your flight, or is her package damaged or missing? demand compensation v!

Do you believe that you may have actually some unclaimed assets? counting on united state to find and also get them for you.

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