Costco supplies affordable price to shoppers. However, affordable rates do not always mean the finest services or products. You have to be sure of the terms and conditions – return plans to be an exact – the purchase prior to making the purchase.

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Besides the affordable price that mattresses top top Costco, the agency has great mattress return plan – one that renders buyers want to go ago every time.

Mattresses fall under the classification ‘risk-free, 100-percent guarantee’, which way that you deserve to return them for a refund any type of time. The retailer will refund girlfriend for any defects, except for normal wear and also tear.

How walk the Mattress Return policy Help?

Most human being prefer come buy their mattresses indigenous brick and also mortar stores. That way, they can shot out the mattresses prior to buying. However, that takes time to notice defects ~ above a mattress. A mattress could feel comfortable once you an initial lie on it however sink a couple of days after purchase. It may additionally feel comfortable and supportive however have minimal sheet support. This is where the Costco return plan comes in to help.

Details top top Costco’s Return Policy

If friend realize the your mattress has actually a defect, you must go to Costco’s website and also start the return process. Friend can likewise take the mattress ago to any kind of Costco warehouse and wait for the procedure to be complete so girlfriend can acquire a refund. If it is true that your mattress has a defect, Costco will market you a full refund. If you need cancellation of membership, friend will likewise get that v the this firm website.

The an excellent thing around the mattress return plan on Costco is the you have the right to return her mattress any time if you are not happy through it. This means that, unlike various other retailers that will give you a 9-month limit, Costco’s return policy has no limit.

However, this generous return policy has actually been abused on several occasions. A Costco worker on Reddit recounts how a customer brought back a entirety truck that Costco purchases, some of which were more than 10 years old. Among the items went back were a dirty mattress and a decade-old pillow. Once asked why he was returning the mattress and also the various other items, the customer stated he was moving to brand-new York and also would buy all the points afresh.

There room many more stories of how people have abused the return plan that Costco enables its customers.

While Costco is generous enough to take it items back, they will certainly not offer you a refund because that a mattress the is torn or one the is worn the end from year of use. You need to identify the defect before your mattresses begin wearing and tearing.

Misusing the Return policy Could price you Costco Membership

Costco can have the ideal return policy in the world. If their policy is generous, it have to not be stretched too far. A instance of a mrs who changed her press after eight years of usage is a great example where you should not stretch the plan too far. Talking to organization Insider, the woman stated her membership to be revoked after she deeds. She claimed that the printer had actually stopped working immediately she purchase it, however she didn’t have actually time come return it.

According come the manager who declined the return, the woman had made so many returns end the years that they could not take any kind of more. The customer contacted Costco headquarters, who evidenced that without doubt her membership was canceled.

Responding come her, Jeff Long, a senior Vice chairman of Costco, claimed that the company realized from she membership evaluation that she had actually not to be happy with many of their products. As such, they necessary to terminate her membership.

This is the same instance with mattresses. If girlfriend return your mattress more than a couple of times, you might have her Costco membership revoked. Without your membership, you room unable to enjoy the many perks the Costco has to offer. The retailer to make reservation the ideal to publication memberships if a member is uncovered to have abused your privileges. The prudent to only return your mattress based upon a genuine reason (s).


To return her mattress, visit the this firm website to fill out the return policy form. Costco understands the you needed to open up the bed. Therefore, that does not need to be in its initial packaging. Again, if you usage your Costco membership once purchasing the mattress, you perform not require a receipt. The firm will check your critical purchase and also offer you a refund. However, if you room not a member, girlfriend will need the receipt for her mattress.

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John Beeghly

February 21, 2020 in ~ 7:13 pm

FYI. Just returned a mattress to Costco today, nothing wrong through it except just means to hard. In removing that from my box trailer, one side received a boy dust scuff mark. Costco said they can not take it, because their plan is the a returned mattress has to be in “pristine” condition-their words. Conclusion: ns don’t think Costco’s return policy is together wonderful as they would certainly lead anyone to believe. They did at some point take it back, however I had actually to take it outside and also clean the scuff note off.