I recently set up a Blink camera on my front door to protect myself indigenous a danger stalker. Unknown come me, every one of my videos the contain clip of mine stalker are now gone, and also I to be literally in tears.

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I don’t recognize what come do. I’ve tried calling the customer assistance line, but was informed that restore is no possible. Is this true? I have read multiple articles from people who to be able to recover deleted clips, yet nobody has actually been maybe to administer me with assistance through this dilemma.

These videos are the only proof I have of my stalker violating an active restraining order. Without them ns feel totally unprotected, and also knocked ago to square one. Please, because that the sake of mine safety, and for the knowledge of others, help me recuperate my auto-deleted videos!!

suttyblink respectable 25, 2020, 8:57am #2

No one in below can assist you, various other than Blink employees, who seldom comment. Support may have actually told friend the truth, and may not, because it counts on just how long the videos have been deleted, or if policy has changed. It’s certainly true that we have seen it stated in here, the they deserve to be recovered, if the moment is not as well long because they to be deleted.
Bob_at_Blink do a post about being able to offer this support, in the past, and he is manager of customer Support. Perhaps he deserve to offer you part assistance, considering the prominence of this come you.

He may well watch this object now, since I tagged him in, yet it can not hurt to afternoon him v your request, simply in case.

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jscheney august 25, 2020, 9:00am #3

Thank you so much! I will certainly PM him as per her recommendation.

The videos were newly deleted, and also it is fairly unfortunate that the customer organization avenue has actually left me at a loss. I figured the is constantly best to bring concerns to the neighborhood to discover the difficult truth.

Thank friend again for her thoughtful response. I will head your advice immediately.

Joel_Ek respectable 25, 2020, 12:32pm #4

NOBODY below in this ar forum can recover her auto deleted videos. Just tech support can do this and also it’s on a minimal basis.

If her cloud storage is full, the earliest clips space auto deleted. That full due to the fact that you the owner needs to manually delete points you don’t want aka take the end the trash. If cloud warehouse is not full, auto delete has setup for go 1 year before they are deleted. What is your setting at?

Video clips deserve to be download and/or shared via multiple choices. This is your method of backing up those very important videos. What walk you carry out to backup those every important video clip clips in the cloud?

The owner’s hands-on is at Blink’s support website. Below is an write-up for your subject.


Bell02fantasy respectable 26, 2020, 12:49pm #5

You will more than likely require a police report in order for them to legally acquire the turned off videos

ronsec august 26, 2020, 12:58pm #6

Not true at all. Video recovery is a usual occurrence - all you need is the credentials for your account.

Bell02fantasy respectable 26, 2020, 2:50pm #7

If Blink refuses come handover come her, and its the communication of a criminal action, hazard then she would to obtain a court order and also only then would the police have the ability to legally acquire the videos in order because that her instance to proceed

Joel_Ek respectable 26, 2020, 4:42pm #8

I would pay good money for a Blink camera that was capable of catching a CLEAR picture of a license plate.


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Joel_Ek august 30, 2020, 9:10pm #15

I would certainly pay great money for a Blink camera that was qualified of catching a CLEAR picture of a license plate.

Most cameras carry out not catch plates. You are correct, girlfriend gotta pay way more money than 100 bucks for Blink hardware. You need pro level hardware for the task. Guessing 500 bucks plus every camera. All counts on how much away friend are and also do you desire readable plates at night also.

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Same drill for me on backup video clips - i send them come myself via email attachments. Sadly, gained to execute it one in ~ a time however.

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