You might be curious around how to check out iCloud message messages (SMS) and iMessages, since you have actually known the iCloud photos/notes/contacts deserve to be checked v as long as friend log right into iCloud. Specifically for parents or lovers, there are questions raised: "Can i read other people"s text messages on iCloud? just how to use iCloud to check out text messages? How deserve to I examine deleted messages v iCloud?"


Actually, you room not permitted to straight view text message on iCloud backup. It is yes, really a pity. So perhaps you should discover an app to download message messages native iCloud back-up or recoup deleted message messages and iMessages digital first, and then examine these iCloud message messages according to your need.

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Here us recommend you iphone phone Data Recovery, likewise the blog post Viewer, to help you check out deleted/existing iCloud text messages. Iphone Data restore is not only a recovering tool for iPhone, but additionally a data reader for iOS devices. It enables you come download, view and also recover all your iCloud stuff from your iCloud backup. For example, friend are capable of viewing your iCloud message messages and recover deleted message messages online.

The following parts will present you thorough steps to check your iCloud message messages with article Viewer.

The basic steps to view text messages on iCloud

Before you deserve to view the text messages ~ above iCloud, you have to make sure you have actually backed up your iPhone text messages to iCloud. Carry out not know exactly how to ago up iPhone text messages? jump to ago up iphone phone to iCloud now.

After friend did iPhone message messages back-up to iCloud, you deserve to follow the measures as below to watch or check out text message on iCloud.

Step 1Download and also install article Viewer

Download and also install message Viewer come your computer or Mac.

Step 2Log into your iCloud Account

After installing, open up the application and choose "Recover native iCloud back-up File", then sign in to your iCloud (iCloud account lost or iCloud password forgotten).


Step 3Select and also download iCloud messages back-up files to computer

Entering the main interface of her iCloud, you will view all backup files listed there. Just scan and also select a backup record that contains text messages you want to read and also check, and also then click "Download" behind it.


Step 4Check her iCloud message messages and also imessages

After downloading text messages online from iCloud back-up files, click the "Messages" and also "Messages Attachments" buttons in the left column of the interface. Climate you have the right to scan and also read all your iCloud message messages, including deleted text messages.

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1. If you desire to retrieve turned off messages, girlfriend can select the deleted ones, and also click "Recover" button.

2. You have the right to also accessibility and check out iCloud photos, WhatsApp, video, and so on online by click the corresponding buttons from left list.