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Everyone to know Craigslist together “the” virtual classified ads site. It’s been about forever. However now there space other options so we’re not stuck with the constraints of Craigslist anymore. The site I really favor is dubbed OfferUp.

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You have the right to use OfferUp native your computer system (just go to offerup.com) yet it’s yes, really designed to be provided from your phone. That’s what makes it so very easy and also fast to use, at any time you want to offer something.

From your phone (Android or iPhone) acquire the OfferUp app, then just follow these procedures in the app:

Click on PostChoose a picture to display screen (you deserve to use approximately 5 pictures). You have the right to either take it a snapshot with your phone best then and also use it, or choose from images that are already on her phone.Write the title, choose “full dimension mattress, an excellent condition”Write the description and also selling priceClick “Post” and also your advertisement is live

So simple!

And a lot better (in mine opinion anyway) than Craigslist. Here’s why ns say that:

– OfferUp has a much more contemporary user interface. If friend look in ~ the Craigslist website, you’ll see that that is utilizing the exact same boring format that was there as soon as it was initially created.

– when you post on OfferUp, the item for sale is instantly live. V Craigslist, it’s normally at the very least 15 minutes before it shows up in searches. And sometimes when Craigslist “ghosts” your ad, it never shows up. And they don’t contact you to tell you that.

– OfferUp has user ratings. This is one of my pet peeves about Craigslist – as soon as I collection a time to fulfill someone that is either offering something, or purchase something native me, in ~ least fifty percent the time the other person just doesn’t display up. Even world that email and say “I’m on my method now” somehow never make it come the meeting spot and also don’t speak to or email to say they won’t be there. V OfferUp, if who does that, friend can encompass that info in the rating/review so that other human being will know about it prior to they decision to attend to this person. As soon as someone knows your reputation is at stake, castle are most likely going to act much more responsibly. Craigslist has actually no user rating system and also both parties have the right to remain cotton if they want to).

– OfferUp has actually it’s very own messaging system, developed right right into the app. This is very convenient. Craigslist still depends on its antiquated “anonymous email” process.

– v Craigslist you can not repost or “bump” an item for sale more than once every 48 hours. OfferUp provides you the alternative to execute this more often (at a cost of $1.99). This just method your item goes back to the peak of the list, so that customers who are browsing are much more likely to watch it.

– OfferUp gives you a real-time display screen of exactly how many world have regarded your item’s listing. This is nice to know. Through Craigslist, friend can include some code and display a respond to in the listing itself ns think (or at least you offered to be able to) yet it’s not a part of Craigslist’s process and it’s certainly not as easy.

I think the only advantage for Craigslist is the reality that it has actually been around longer, so more people are mindful of it. However, OfferUp has end up being a conquer player in this game so as soon as you perform something, it will be checked out by a lot of people. I freshly did perform a mattress ~ above OfferUp, choose I discussed in the instance above. This was late one afternoon. It finished up gaining 82 views, and also someone came and also purchased it the following morning. Can not complain about that.

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There is one more popular app that works an in similar way to OfferUp. It’s dubbed LetGo. Pretty much the same process, however I similar to OfferUp better. If you space really serious around selling something, probably the finest strategy would be come OfferUp, LetGo, and Craigslist. They’re all free, and the more eyeballs you have the right to put on your item, the better, right?

Do you use an digital selling company such as these, that ns didn’t mention? allow me understand in the comments.