A current TikTok video showing a chaotic fight between an employee and also a customer at Waffle House has gone viral. When viewers enjoyed the drama, they room not at every surprised by the antics.

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there’s no place like waffle residence #wafflehouse #WelcomeBack #ChiliDogYumPlz

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brookewiser1, has actually 7.8 million views and also 1.5 million likes. Many are to compare it come the standard “Can ns Please gain a Waffle” Vine that now lives on YouTube and also has end a million views.

The renowned Vine shows two Waffle residence employees physically fighting, one also getting their head bashed into a counter, when a customer calmly and innocently sits by and also asks: “Can I acquire a waffle? have the right to I please obtain a waffle?” when the struggle plays the end in prior of them.

In the more recent video clip filmed in ~ the diner, a TikToker and a friend, and another customer, space eating food and also observing a fight between an employee and also a human being in civilian clothes, who may or may not it is in a patron.

The non-employee procedures up so that they are high above the counter and throws what shows up to be a metal napkin dispenser at the worker. According to crashing and banging deserve to be heard throughout the video, and many expletives and also threats of phone call the police.

Another Waffle home employee deserve to briefly it is in seen utilizing the phone to call someone.

All the while, the diners continue to eat their food and also watch the “entertainment.”

Viewers space commenting on exactly how at Waffle House, one can constantly expect a “dinner and a show.”

“Hash browns taste much better when you get to watch a fight anyway,” wrote

Many were likewise quick to point out the lack of action by the TikToker and other diners.

“You are the poster boy of ‘minding your own business,’” said

“The vessel you have eating your food & watching the display … i would have actually cried and also ran away” comment

The daily Dot reached out come
brookewiser1 because that comment.

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