Way to miss the point Saturday Night Live! While the present sometimes misses the boat, “Can ns Play That?” is a direct strike on everyone who is upset once an gibbs decides come play the dorn ethnicity or gender, or when able gibbs take duties away native disabled performers. Plenty of comedians think we live in a “PC” world—everything needs to be politics correct, and also to them, that’s a direct attack on comedy.

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No, you have the right to still it is in funny there is no openly insulting delicate people. So, this sketch, which functions Idris Elba, Cecily Strong, and also Beck Bennett play a gameshow and discussing what roles they can and also cannot play, feel like Saturday Night Live making a mock of those who want the right representation in our films.

Look, is this Saturday Night Live‘s way of stating that every little thing on Twitter is thrown out of context? That’s not untrue, yet this is a terrible means to go around it. Most of Twitter’s conflict on that can and also cannot play duties stems indigenous the fact that we’ve checked out two various white females play eastern characters in ~ the last five years.

Yes, you read that right—five yearsSo making a mock of civilization wanting casting to … i don’t know, be accurate(?), shows that whoever wrote this sketch simply wanted to speak to out “politically correct” civilization on Twitter, which makes me think that Michael Che probably had something to execute with it.

The lay out does do some an excellent points, generally in regards come the question about who can play a Japanese personality in a film, but it’s something that the “call out” society of Twitter is trying come fix. The more we carry these troubles to everyone’s attention, the simpler it is to fix them in ~ Hollywood.

The SNL skit “Can ns Play That?” is a an excellent example the what happens once folks through privilege don’t yes, really listen come critiques, i think a poor understanding of a situation in bad faith, and also then i disbanded the critiques the those without privilege together absurd based on that understanding.

— Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 (
cmclymer) march 10, 2019

Do ns think we shouldn’t speak to out Twitter because that its problems? No, ns think we need to take a look in ~ why civilization are angry and assess the instance from there. Mocking world for wanting exact representation in our films isn’t the way to go around this, Saturday Night Live.

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And indigenous the feeling of this sketch, it was all since you wanted to make that James link joke.

(image: screengrab indigenous Youtube/NBC)

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