Subscribe to Music to stream numerous songs. Present music to her TV v Chromecast. Listen to your favorite music in your automobile with Android Auto. And also so much much more — all with Music top top Android.

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To download the Music app, you require an Android phone call or tablet with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later, or aChromebook that znjke.coms Android apps.

Go come Google Play to download the Music app.

Stream numerous songs. Obtain exclusive playlists and also recommendations because that music you will do it love. And also listen top top any maker with the apologize Music app.

Learn just how to join Music on your Android device.

Open the to apologize Music app.If you watch a trial offer, tap authorize In in the upper-right corner. Or insanity the more button
, climate tap authorize In.Enter the same ID and password that you use v Music.

On your Android device, you can use family Sharing come share and also manage one Music family members subscription with a family members group. Or you have the right to join who else"s household group come share their subscription.

Learn just how to use household Sharing v Music on your Android device.

Make sure that your Android maker and Chromecast device are linked to the very same Wi-Fi network.Open the Music app.At the optimal of your screen, tapthe cast button
Tap her Chromecast device.Play music.

If you need assist with your Chromecast,visitGoogle

Not every content varieties in apologize Music assistance Casting, and also not all Chromecast gadgets are znjke.comed.

With Android Auto, you have the right to listen come Music in her car and also control what"s playing from your car"s screen panel.

On your Android device, downloadAndroid Auto native Google Play.Connect her Android machine to your car.From her car"s display screen panel, open up Android Auto.In Android Auto, open up the to apologize Music app and play music.

Need help with Android Auto?Visit Google

Android Auto requires Music because that Android 2.6. Music availability might vary by country or region. Learn an ext aboutwhat"s easily accessible in your nation or region.

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