Do you desire to clock CNN there is no cable but don’t understand how? we share the 4 ideal ways to clock the network live and stay up-to-date on the news.

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In today’s busy climate, the town hall cable news has become an easy means to keep up v the latest events. Figuring out how to watch CNN there is no cable will store you educated for less.

Which Streaming Services market CNN?

Top streaming solutions make it simple to watch news, entertainment, and also sports without a contract. Below are several of the finest ways to watch CNN live and also save big each month.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV has actually two channel packages – Sling Blue and Sling Orange – each room $35 per month. CNN is had in both therefore you deserve to watch Anderson Cooper 360, State of the Union, and also Chris Cuomo element Time v either package.

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There space a few differences in between the packages. Sling Orange provides 30 channels, including ESPN. Sling Blue offers 42 channels without ESPN.

Channels in the Sling Orange package incorporate A&E, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, HGTV, history Channel, and TBS.

The Sling Blue channel lineup consists of Bravo, FS1, FX, NBC sports (NBCSN), and NFL Network.

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You have the right to tailor her channels and also DVR capability with add-ons that operation $5 come $10 every month.

Learn much more about the channels, platform, positives and negatives that Sling TV in ours Sling TV review.

Pricing & PackagesOrange - $35 / Blue - $35 / Orange + Blue - $50
ChannelsOrange - 30 (ESPN) / Blue - 42 / Orange + Blue - 50+
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous StreamsOrange - 1 / Blue - 3 / Orange + Blue - 3
DVR50 hrs. - cost-free / 200 hrs. - $5/mo.
On-demand libraryYes

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2. Hulu Live

This upgrade from tradition Hulu is one of the ideal ways come stream CNN live. A subscription comes with cloud DVR, multi-screen viewing simultaneously, customizable profiles and access to a substantial on-demand contents library.

This feature sets this streaming business apart native its competitors. Not only have the right to you watch her favorite reflects on the most well-known networks live, you additionally get local channels and accessibility to all of Hulu’s initial content like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Whether friend stream content on your laptop, desktop, TV, tablet, or smartphone, its considerable channel list do it easy to uncover something good to watch.

Read around how you switch in between live TV and legacy Hulu anytime with no fees and more features that Hulu Live in our review of the service.

Pricing & Packages$64.99
Channels80 + locals
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams2 - free / endless - $9.99
DVR50 hrs. - totally free / 200 hrs. - $9.99
On-demand libraryYes

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Another solid option worth considering is the ‘Entertainment’ setup from DIRECTV STREAM, formerly AT&T TV.

While on the higher end that streaming options, the price is still less than cable and much more importantly, supplies 65+ channels, consisting of other news favorites favor Fox News and MSNBC, without a contract.

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DIRECTV STREAM’s channel lineup includes: Disney Channel, Disney Jr, Disney XD, E!, ESPN, ESPN 2, FX, FS1, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark movie & Mysteries, and HGTV.

Explore the miscellaneous packages, streaming quality, and channel overview in our DIRECTV currently review.

Pricing & Packages4 packages. Entertainment - $70 / Premier - $140
Channels65 to 140+
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams3
DVR20 hours
On-demand libraryYes


4. YouTube TV

As you’re deciding exactly how to currently CNN there is no cable or satellite, don’t skip YouTube TV.

You may recognize YouTube for how-to videos, yet it’s an ext than that. Similar to the other streaming services mentioned, YouTube TV includes more than 80 popular channels, has no contract and there’s no fee to cancel.

Read our YouTube TV review to watch if this streaming organization is a fit for you and your family.

Pricing & Packages$64.99
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams3
DVRNo limit
On-demand libraryYes

Use the CNN App

It is not feasible to watch CNN free of charge. Unfortunately, that choice does not exist. Uneven of course, you desire to loiter in waiting rooms or hotel lobbies to gain your news. will offer you ten minutes of complimentary access. After ~ that, it will certainly prompt you because that a login from your cable TV provider.

Thankfully, CNN has an app with on-demand content. If you i ordered it to any type of of the streaming services mentioned, you can use the CNN application for free.

Can ns Watch CNN on apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, or Roku?

Yes, you deserve to watch the news large on the most renowned streaming devices. You only require two things:

A subscription come a streaming service.

All the the key streaming services have actually apps ~ above AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. If you have an web connection and also a streaming platform, you’re set.

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There are lots of ways to watch CNN there is no a cable provider. Through so many possibilities, is there any good reason not to reduced the cord and also switch come a streaming service?

Sling TV and also Hulu Live are two great places to start.

What other networks keep girlfriend from cut the cord? just how much money do you invest on cable or streaming solutions each month?