Microsoft 365 includes all the consistent Office apps. But which plan should you go for, or would it be finest to simply buy a independent version?

There space lots of different Microsoft 365 configurations – i beg your pardon one have to you buy?

ByAnyron Copeman, senior Staff Writer

Which variation of Microsoft Office do you have?

If you"re looking come upgrade, it"s straightforward to examine which version of Microsoft Office you have actually installed. Detailed you"ve downloaded all the apps at the very same time, they should all be to run the exact same version.

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For the objective of this article, we"re utilizing Microsoft Word. The procedure may vary slightly depending upon your an equipment and app, yet it should still be basic to find:

open up the Office app of her choice. You need to be presented with a house screen comparable to the one listed below From the bottom-left corner, click "Account" Under the "Product Information" section, look for "About Word". Here, you need to see "Version" complied with by a four-digit number To discover out when this variation was released, a quick web search will tell you

However, the process differs on enlarge Office apps. In native 2010, you need tochoose "File" and "Help". The info will climate be presented on the appropriate side the the screen, as you deserve to see below.


Microsoft365 Business

Microsoft also offers business-minded version of the software. We"re focusing on the options for tiny businesses here, yet Microsoft likewise offers companies plans for bigger companies. As soon as again, there"s a split in between the 365 subscription packages and also the one-off purchase version that Office 2019.

There are three key versions ofMicrosoft 365 company available, every offering an extremely different software program packages, so make certain you pick the best one. Be especiallymindful around Microsoft 365 organization Basic(from £3.80/$5), i beg your pardon doesn"t in reality include desktop versions the the main point Office software choose Word and Excel, but just Microsoft"s online and cloud tools.

Also note the Microsoft 365 Apps because that business plan (£7.90/US$8.25 per user every month) consists of both desktop computer and mobile variation of the apps yet without the various other productivity tools such as email, calendaring and team conference features.

Microsoft365Business Standard

One licence because that 5 PCs/Macs to add 5 tablets and 5 phones per user 1TB cloud storage per user allows up to 300 individuals Ongoing accessibility to updates desktop versions ofWord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneDrive internet versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint

You can additionally sign up because that a 1-month complimentary trial in the UK and also the US.

UK:£9.40 every user per monthUS:$12.50 every user per month

Microsoft365Business Premium

for 5 PCs/Macs plus 5 tablets and 5 phones every user 1TB cloud storage every user permits up come 300 individuals Email hosting with 50GB mailbox and also custom domain deal with Ongoing access to updates desktop computer versions ofWord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, accessibility Access to OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, skype for organization Web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

You have the right to alsoget afree trial because that the Premium variation in the UK and US.

UK:£15.10 per user every monthUS:$20 perper user every month


1TB cloud storage every user email hosting through 50GB mailbox and custom domain deal with Allows as much as 300 customers Ongoing access to updates video clip conferencing through up to 250 human being OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, skype for organization Web execution of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and also OneNote

UK:£3.80 every user per month (annual plan)US:$5 every user every month (annual plan)

Microsoft 365 Apps for business

because that 5 PCs/Macs to add 5 tablets and also 5 phones every user 1TB cloud storage every user internet versions that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and also OneDrive Ongoing accessibility to updates enables up come 300 users

UK:£7.90 per user every month (annual plan)US:$8.25 per user per month (annual plan)

Upcoming price rises

Microsoft has actually announced the the price of several of its commercial and business-focused to plan will rise on 1 march 2022. In an main blog post, Microsoft 365 that company VP Jared Spataro claims the brand-new pricing "reflects the increased value us have ceded to our customers over the previous 10 years". It"s the first hike we"ve seen since Microsoft 365 released as Office 365 in 2011 - the likes that Teams, OneDrive, To-Do and also Sharepoint have all been added since then.

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Here room the changes you have the right to expect:

Microsoft 365 Business an easy - from $5 to $6 per user Microsoft 365 organization Premium - indigenous $20 come $22 Office 365 E1 - indigenous $8 come $10 Office 365 E3 - from $20 come $23 Office 365 E5 - native $35 come $38 Microsoft 365 E3 - native $32 come $36

Potential price rises external the US space yet to be confirmed, however expect them to it is in similar. We"ll update this article once we recognize more.

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