If you were a faithful pan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you could wonder if you can ever have actually Chip and also Joanna Gaines renovate your home. Might your home-renovation dream end up being a reality? girlfriend would have an exciting story to tell guests during parties around how the TV couple designed your home. Deserve to you hire Chip and also Joanna Gaines? here’s what we know.

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Their very first fixer upper

After Chip and also Joanna acquired married, they were strapped for cash. Since money was a huge issue, castle didn’t have actually the sources to purchase a pretty home. Their just option to be to to buy a residence that necessary a most work. Consequently, the pair bought their very first fixer upper, one 800-square-foot home in Waco, Texas. They began construction on the home after return from your honeymoon.

Joanna claimed she cried when Chip told her they would certainly be moving there due to the fact that “it was dumpy and it smelled bad,” she wrote in one Instagram post. However, Joanna states it all came together and also now it’s among their favourite fixer uppers:

We fixed it up and fell in love v it. Come this day, if you ask us what our favorite residence we ever lived in, us both go ago to this small white 800 sq ft home. Us were broke and were forced to be an imaginative with our resources and we to be proud together punch about this place. Many of what ns learned creatively stemmed native this little fixer upper. Little house or big, affluent or poor, very own the an are you live in and love what friend have.

Joanna’s architecture education

Joanna attend Baylor university (her husband, Chip, also attended Baylor). Although you can think she received a level related come design, this no the case. Joanna graduated with a level in communications. She original setup was to get in the communications field. Once Joanna to be a university student, she had an internship in new York on the display 48 Hours with Dan Rather, reports Baylor Magazine.

Although Joanna was on the road to a job in communications, she chose to go in another direction. She quickly realized she had actually a enthusiasm for design. Joanna became inspired by some of the boutiques she visited during her time in new York.

How much they charged on ‘Fixer Upper’


Joanna Gaines via Facebook

Those who appeared on HGTV’s Fixer Upper had actually to shell out some severe cash. Actors members were required to placed down a minimum of $30,000 because that renovations, in enhancement to the price of purchasing your home, reports Romper.

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Can you hire Chip and Joanna Gaines?

And if you live much from Waco, Texas, it’s unlikely you could work straight with Chip and Joanna. The Magnolia site makes it clean the pair is cursed working close to their home: “If you carry out not live in Waco, and are not moving to Waco, then sadly, no…We believe in the prominence of home and also family, and also traveling because that a remodel project would placed unnecessary strain on our families and also children… Chip and Joanna have chosen to only work-related within a 30-mile radius that Waco.”

So, over there you have actually it. If you want to work with the couple, you might have to do a big move.