The list of that can gain the Covid booster jab has expanded, following the introduction of a new variant – named Omicron. 

Initially, the Covid-19 booster jab to be only obtainable to those over 50-years old and to anyone v underlying health and wellness conditions. Yet a spike in instances in early November led the federal government announcement the the jab would currently be available to anyone over 40. At the same time, the joint Committee top top Vaccination and also Immunisation (JCVI) additionally recommended that some 16 come 17-year olds have actually the booster, amid a steady rise in infections among school-aged children.

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The discovery of Omicron, the name given to the brand-new variant of Covid-19 an initial identified by in south Africa, has increased the rollout again. Scientists have yet to completely determine whether this brand-new strain will influence the efficacy of the vaccines. However, the target of vaccinating more people with an extra sheep has constantly been the same: to reduce the number of people dispersing the virus. This will minimise pressure on the NHS over Christmas and also reduce the chance of us having to go back into lockdown this year.

Who can gain the Covid booster jab?

Those eligible for a third dose that the vaccine are:

All adult (those end 18) life in the UKPeople age 16 and over who are a key carer because that someone at high threat from Covid-19Those aged 16 and also over that live v someone that is an ext likely to get infections

As every the initial vaccine rollout, the NHS has prioritised booster jabs according to age and risk factors.

However, there have also been some other changes in the rollout the the vaccine. Initially, the wait between the second and the third dose that the vaccine was six months. That is now three months. Youngsters aged in between 12 and also 15 will also have a 2nd dose prior to the end of the year. Similarly, there needs to be a three month wait between first and 2nd doses.

Anyone who is severely immunosuppressed deserve to have a fourth jab as a booster as well.

Anyone eligible because that a booster jab will have either the Pfizer vaccine or a half-dose the the Moderna vaccine.

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Professor Jonathan valve Tam, England’s deputy chief clinical officer, urged human being to take up their booster jab. Adhering to the emergence of Omicron in the UK, he said it “has never ever been more critical than at this point in time.”

“We room asking anyone to pat their component in the urgency currently of the booster programme.”

It comes as new data native the UK health and wellness Security firm found that 2 weeks ~ receiving a booster sheep of the vaccine, protection versus symptomatic epidemic in adults 50-years and over who had actually the Oxford vaccine to be at 93.1%. For those who had the Pfizer vaccine, defense levels were a little higher at 94%.

People aged 30 and over can book their booster online, v all adult able to book from Wednesday.#GetBoostedNow

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