We"ve got experienced advice from cosmetics dermatologist Dr Samantha Bunting around the safety and security of using fake or spray tans if you"re breastfeeding a baby


In a nutshell: it’s fine to use fake or spray tans once you’re breastfeeding, follow to the NHS. But there’s no scientific proof to show that it’s safe for her baby to ingest any kind of of the fake or spray tan product that’s on the skin on your breast. For the reason, it’s worth taking measures to prevent fake tan walking on her nipples, or preferably, any component of her breasts.

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What go the expert say?

As well together making certain your baby’s confront doesn’t gain ‘tanned’ by comes into contact with your fake tan as your breastfeed once the tan’s tho drying, it’s way to be cautious around letting fake tan get in your baby’s mouth, says Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Samantha Bunting.

Although no studies have shown that it’s unsafe for her baby come ingest fake tan, would certainly you desire your infant to be ingesting anything that’s not technically edible, says Dr Samantha? She adds:

DHA - dihydroxyacetone, the energetic ingredient in fake tans - has been approved together safe for external use. It there is no been approved for inhalation or application straight on the eyes and mouth. This doesn"t typical it"s no safe, but it does average it hasn"t to be rigorously tested for use in this way. Dr Samantha Bunting, cosmetic dermatologist

Fake tan and breastfeeding: the top safety tips

Use ‘tit tape’ over her nipples or location a chest pad end the nipple area therefore the tan doesn’t go on itApply a obstacle cream (such together nipple cream, Vaseline or even nappy cream) over your breasts for this reason the tan can not adhere come themOr, better still, protect against your chest area completely when you use the product at residence or once you acquire sprayed. To it is in ultra safe, keep a bikini top on.Apply your tan once you have a large breastfeeding window. If your baby no much longer wakes because that a night-time feed, because that example, time your tan accordingly, and rinse turn off well prior to their morning feedIf friend express milk to bottle-feed your baby, then consider doing so because that the development time of your tan plus include an extra couple of feeds come be completely sure you have ‘set’!If her tan demands a longer breakthrough time – 8 to 10 hours – before rinsing, undertake a nursing height so girlfriend only have to acquire your boob out, and also ensure you and also your baby have actually long sleeves on come minimise the opportunity for delivering the tanBe sure to wash her breasts and also the neighboring area through a tenderness bodywash and dry well to certain no residue is accidentally present before your first post-tan feed.

What’s in fake tan?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the active ingredient (so the one which makes us brown) in most fake tans is a carbohydrate, acquired from plant resources such together sugar cane. Some self tanners usage erythrulose, i beg your pardon is an additional carbohydrate and also can be discovered naturally in red raspberries.

Both work, in a similar way, to make the cells in the height layer of her skin create melanoidin, which is what transforms your skin brown.

And it’s worth noting the the impact is a chemical reaction, not a stain or dye. So because neither DHA or erythrulose can absorb past the outermost layer of your skin, it can not contaminate your breastmilk.

Fake tan and breastfeeding in the news

When mortified mum Gemma Colley shared an ‘epic parenting fail’ pic (see below) of her baby sporting an nearly ‘comedy 5 o’clock shadow’ ~ above Facebook, she confronted a barrage of society media comeback – not to mention national media interest. The reason: she spray tan had actually rubbed off on her baby’s confront as she breastfed him. 

The mum in inquiry was horrified at unwittingly ‘tanning’ her baby but, give the popularity of fake tanning, that did progressive a most questions – i beg your pardon we’ve tried come answer plainly – about how safe it is to obtain a sunless tan if you space breastfeeding, and also if you have to avoid it completely.

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About ours expert: Dr Samantha Bunting

Dr Sam Bunting is a London-based cosmetics dermatologist. She obtained her medical training in ~ Cambridge University and also University college London and became a Member the the royal College of doctors in 2002. She then practised medical dermatology because that 6 years prior to establishing her very own private exercise at London’s Harley Street. She a referents on TLC’s Last opportunity Salon and runs her own website in ~ Dr Sam’s.