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Confused around what kind of milk — and how lot of it — your farming toddler needs? Here’s when your baby have the right to officially start drinking cow"s milk, just how to make the change from formula or breast milk, and also how much to serve.
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Now the your child has actually turned 1 — hooray! — he’s all set to do the big switch indigenous formula or breast milk (if you pick to prevent breastfeeding) come cow’s milk. But with so numerous different milks —and milk options — on the market, the big question is, what kind need to you choose?

Read top top to find out which — and also how lot — milk your toddler have to drink.

When have the right to babies begin drinking cow"s milk?

Twelve month is the legitimate drinking period — because that cow’s milk, that is. When your son is 1 year old, you can start offering him entirety (or in part cases, reduced fat)milk come drink.

Babies who space younger than 1 year old shouldn’t drink cow’s milk because their cradle systems space too sensitive to handle big amounts of the protein in moo juice. Unlike breast milk or formula, cow"s milk likewise doesn"thave all the nutrients (such together vitamin E and also zinc) babies need to grow and also develop during their an initial year.

How have to you shift from formula or chest milk to cow"s milk?

Breast milk and formula room sweeter than cow"s milk, for this reason while some brand-new 1-year-olds take to cow"s milk ideal away, others require a small help getting a taste because that it.

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If your toddler is struggling to do the shift from formula or chest milk come cow"s milk, try serving that mixed:Offer chest milk or formula blended in v cow"s milk to aid your little one gain used come the new taste and also consistency, gradually increasing the amount of cow"s milk in his sippy cup. You deserve to also try sneaking cow"s milk into your child"s meals transparent the day, such as by putting some over grain (make sure he slurps up what"s left in the bowl), including it to oatmeal or smoothies, or stirring milk into soups or mac and also cheese.
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