The sudden increase in the variety of flu situations has alert people roughly the world. Just as the COVID-19 situations witnessed a deep plunge, the flu and also other respiratory tract illnesses have wreaked an ext havoc 보다 ever. Amid together chaos, experts and also medical professionals continue to urge world to get their flu shots. Given the circumstances and also considering just how virulent the influenza virus has gained currently, there"s a high chance you could get the flu twice in one season.

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02/5Flu instances rise amongst other respiratory illnesses


The significant decline in the number of COVID-19 instances is surely a relief come many. However, considering world have become much more relaxed and also less vigilant, it has actually only provided rise to various other viral infections choose the flu.

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As per the centre for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC), flu cases during the 2020-2021 season was "unusually low". The officials attributed it to the nationwide lockdowns, quarantine policies, mask mandates, social distancing, immediate COVID testing, maintain of ideal hygiene - all of which played a an important role in control the climb in the case numbers.

However, points have readjusted and this year or this flu season, some have also been experiencing the "worst cold ever." This, follow to experts, can cause a feasible "twindemic", a serious concern reigning end officials from anywhere the world.


03/5Why it"s necessary to get your flu shot


Getting her flu shot has become more important 보다 ever. As with the novel coronavirus, flu is a contagious respiratory condition that have the right to lead come mild come moderate infections and also in some cases can also prove fatal.

Clinical evidence says that in 2020, the total number of flu cases was 2,752 v 44 deaths together opposed to 28,798 cases and 1,218 deaths in 2019. The autumn in the number of cases attributes to the to decrease in the number of testing, masking and also social distancing.

However, the existing state that affairs only highlights a sudden spike in the variety of flu cases, not just in India yet globally, which is why that is vital to receive your flu vaccines now!

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04/5You may catch the flu double in a row, here"s why


Apart indigenous the fact that you may contract the flu infection, there"s a high chance you may acquire it double in a row. Why is it so? allow us find out.

There are four different species of the flu specific influenza A, B, C, and also D. Influenza form A and B space the seasonal flu the arises throughout a specific season. Once you obtain infected with any kind of of the two strains, you"re most likely to construct antibodies against it and the opportunity of re-infection with the exact same virus may be low.

However, friend can get infected v a different strain that influenza, and also the antibodies you emerged from the first infection may not administer you protection versus the various other strains.

While two flu outbreaks overlap one another, raising your possibilities of capturing the flu infection twice, the possibilities of you capturing the flu virus twice may still be rare.


05/5Prevention is key

The best way to avoid recording the flu or arising severe symptom is by gaining a flu vaccine if girlfriend haven"t already. Uneven COVID-19 vaccines, flu shots need to be bring away every year. Although you may still contract the virus, you"re much much more likely to experience just mild to moderate symptoms.

Apart from that, continue wearing your mask, maintain an excellent hand hygiene and also follow COVID-appropriate behaviour consisting of social distancing.



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