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Yes, friend can gain the flu more than when a year yet it's nearly never the same strain of virus. Yakobchuk Viacheslav/Rido/Shutterstock
At least some of the 9.7 million civilization infected with the flu this season will get the flu again prior to the year is up. But it most likely won"t it is in from the exact same strain of influenza virus.If you"ve to be infected with form B flu, you"re still at risk to contracting type A flu and also vice versa.
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The Centers for disease Control and Prevention calculation that9.7 million world have fallen prey to the flu so much this season. And it"s most likely that few of those unfortunates will obtain the flu again before the year is up.

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Yes, girlfriend can gain the flu more than when a year

Yes, it"s possible to gain the flu much more than when a year, or even much more than when a season.

The main reason is the there are many different arrays of the flu virus. Influenza viruses come in 4 main types: A, B, C, and also D. And for each type, over there are many unique subtypes and strains.

For the critical 28 years, the most usual viruses the infected human being each flu season were form A flu viruses. However, this year, the CDC has actually found an ext cases of form B epidemic — something that hasn"t happened since 1992.

If you"ve to be infected with kind B you"re still prone to contracting form A and also vice versa due to the fact that you"ve only accumulated an immune to that specific form B, or A, virus that made girlfriend sick the first time. In fact, if you"re unlucky and get the flu a 2nd time in the very same season or year, it"s unlikely you"ve recorded the very same strain.

"It"s nearly always a different strain," says Adrian Cotton, MD, cook of medical operations at Loma Linda college Health. "Physicians often see three "peaks" the influenza — two of the "A" and one that the "B" viruses. However, there are most likely too many influenza viruses total to count."

But there"s a silver- lining: the much more strains you"re exposed to, the stronger your immune mechanism will likely be versus the exact same or comparable strains in the future. That"s why flu vaccines space the finest weapon versus not only preventing the flu once yet multiple times because they save on computer multiple various substrains of influenza varieties A and B.

"Overall, the more exposure you have to various strains and the much more years that flu shots you have, the better you"ll be able to fight off the range of flu strains," noodle says. That way your symptoms will be much less severe 보다 they"d be otherwise.

As for getting the flu during spring or summer months contrasted to fall and winter — when the flu is in complete swing in the northern hemisphere — your chances are low, yet it"s no impossible. Cotton states there aren"t necessarily particular times outside the flu season when your chances of contracting the virus room higher.

When you"re infected with the flu multiple time a year

Unfortunately, it"s not unusual to obtain the flu much more than as soon as a year, noodle says. If you do obtain infected twice, the shouldn"t necessarily be a reason for alarm.

"If you get the flu an ext than as soon as a season, girlfriend shouldn"t it is in worried. Contracting the virus is much more related to exactly how much exposure girlfriend have had actually rather 보다 your body"s toughness to fight it," noodle adds.

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Bottom line: Your best bet for guarding yourself against the countless strains and varieties of flu viruses is to acquire vaccinated because that the flu every year.