You can accessibility to her Verizon cellphone records, including your most recent Verizon Wireless bill, v several different methods.

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Who Can accessibility Records

Verizon enables only the account owner and authorized users to access cellphone records and also other account information. You can make who an authorized user through assigning that human being as one account manager. Log into your Verizon Wireless account and also click the "My Profile" connect followed by "Assign Account Managers." kind in the name and also email address for the human that friend would favor to make an account manager and also then click "Save." Account managers can see every one of your billing information.

Accessing records on the Verizon Wireless Website

Visit to accessibility your most recent bill, Verizon Wireless data consumption by line, text message data and other information. Friend can access this data by law the following:

get in your phone call number or user ID, climate click the "Sign In" button. You might be motivated to form in your mystery question answer if you are logging in indigenous a device that you have actually not freshly logged in from. Get in your password and also click the "Continue" button. Click "Bill Summary" to check out an overall review of the dues on her bill. If you"re interested in examining phone intake on her account in an ext detail, click "Charges by Line" to see contact information broken down by every phone heat on your account. Click a previous month in the month drop-down menu to watch older data.

Verizon stores up to 12 month of cabinet phone documents on the site, so if you desire to keep records for longer, girlfriend will have to save the documents yourself. You have the right to save any type of of these records as a PDF or Excel document by clicking the connect on the records page.

Accessing documents on mine Verizon App

Verizon supplies a my Verizon application on Android and also iPhone gadgets that have the right to be used to access cell phone documents on her Verizon account. Friend can access these documents by doing the following:

Download the mine Verizon application from the Google pat or Apple app Store. Log right into your Verizon account with your username and also password. Insanity the "Menu" option in the top-left corner of the app and then insanity "Bill." madness the "View bill details" option and also then insanity "View file bill" to see the line-by-line details for her Verizon account. You have the right to see records of calls made/received and also summaries of text/data consumption on the bill. Insanity the "History" switch to view data for various other months.

Note that the data available on the mine Verizon application is restricted compared to that on the website, together you can"t perform specific functions, such as filtering the data.

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If you"re wondering if you"re ~ above the best calling plan, girlfriend can pick the "Run intake Analysis" option from her account residence page. The website will compare her usage background with her plan choice and guide you come select another plan if appropriate.

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