Amazon walk a nice task making that sorta time consuming to cancel her Prime membership. ~ all, lock don’t want to lose your business so they figure why no make the “Cancel Button” a tiny tricky to find. The an excellent news is that after reading this post it’ll it is in an absolute piece of cake to end your element membership and also possibly score a full refund. Here’s whatever you must know…


First, Navigate with the Amazon Labyrinth


To cancel your Prime membership (from the Amazon homepage) you’ll desire to click Account & Lists ~ above the height right.

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From there you’ll gain a drop-down food selection with a bunch the options, click on Your prime Membership.

Don’t confused this page with Memberships & Subscriptions together they are 2 separate sections.

Once you gain to your Prime page, you’ll notification your payment and renewal details on the left next of the page.

Towards the bottom the the food selection is a link that claims End Membership and also Benefits, click it. (See screenshot above)

From the Amazon app, walk toYour Account page, then tap Manage prime Membership. Then scroll under to the bottom and also tap End Membership and Benefits.

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Second, Click to end Prime Benefits


Once you reach the really cancellation page, you’ll be told of all the wonderful Prime services you’ll be absent out on.

Skip come the bottom and also you’ll view the End mine Benefits button.

Click on it and viola! her Prime membership has actually been officially cancelled.

Another means to finish Your prime Membership


Perhaps an even easier way to finish your prime membership is to just visit this help Page ~ above Amazon.

Once you’re logged into your account you’ll check out the screenshot above.

Just click on End Membership, follow the prompts, andboom, you’re done.

This web page may adjust as time goes on, yet for now the WORKS.

Can girlfriend Cancel a element Membership 30-Day Trial?

Yes, you can cancel your free 30-day element trial.

It would certainly be smart to perform it on day 29 therefore you take full benefit of every the benefits prior to your credit transaction card gets charged a cent.

The actions to cancel are the exact same as in-depth above.

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Will You obtain Money earlier When friend Cancel Prime?

I actually dubbed Amazon to see what their official policy to be on issuing a refund if friend cancel your yearly Prime membership before it’s up for renewal.

What ns was told was really interesting.

Amazon will actually pick the dollar amount come refund youAFTER assessing how much you provided your prime benefits.

For example, if you offered Prime 2-day shipping on FOUR or an ext orders, i was said you’ll only gain apartial refund. They wouldn’t call me the precise amount they’d refund.

However, if you only provided Prime to location one online order, climate a FULLrefund is definitely possible.

Your ideal bet to gain a refund on element is to speak to Amazon straight at 1-(888) 280-4331 and explain your specific situation.

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Ask the Reader:Is Amazon Prime precious the money or space you cancelling due to the fact that it’s just too expensive? let me understand in the comments, thanks.