The Obama administration lifted restrictions on Cuban rum and also cigars Friday, allowing americans traveling abroad to bring home all the Cuban rum and cigars castle want.

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The brand-new round of executive actions announced through the Obama administration are expected to increase trade and also travel through Cuba. The orders additionally successfully finish restrictions on the island"s renowned rum and cigars.

Here"s everything you have to know about getting Cuban cigars and rum:

Is this the first time people are enabled to bring earlier Cuban cigars and rum? 

No. The Obama management had partly lifted a five-decade ban on Cuban cigars and rum currently by enabling Americans traveling directly to Cuba to return home with approximately $100 in rum and also cigars in their carry-on luggage.

But now, the $100 limit is gone, and Americans have the right to purchase Cuban cigars and also rum from almost everywhere they find the assets abroad. That method all those Cuban bottles and also boxes at duty complimentary shops in foreign airports room fair game. The only restriction, follow to Treasury: "Normal limits on duty and also tax exemptions will apply."

Obama lifts constraints on Cuban rum, cigars

It’s Friday, where deserve to I get Cuban cigars and rum about here? 

If you assumed the lifted restrictions meant you could walk into a CVS and pick increase a Cuban cigar, you were wrong. Under the brand-new rules, travelers have the right to purchase endless quantities of Cuban rum and cigars in any type of country whereby they are marketed so lengthy as they room for personal consumption.

Wait, so ns can’t acquire them online? 

No. You can’t order Cuban rum and also cigars on Amazon and have them delivered to her door. We’re betting Amazon wishes that’ll change.

If you want to acquisition Cuban cigars and also rum, you have to get yourself come Cuba.

I desire Cuban cigars. Just how do I gain to Cuba? 

Southwest Airlines announced Thursday it would begin scheduled flights come Cuba ~ above Nov. 13, following competitors to serve the Caribbean island after a 50 year hiatus native the U.S.

JetBlue was first when it released a route from ft Lauderdale to Santa Clara, Cuba, on Aug. 31. Others joined suit, including Silver Airways on Sept. 1 through turboprop organization and American Airlines, i beg your pardon flew first to Cienfuegos and Holguin on Sept. 8.

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Booking a trip to Cuba? Here"s what to mean now

Prior to JetBlue"s launch, U.S. Flights to Cuba operated together charters that could be sold only through tourism operators approved by the commonwealth government. Ticket were typically expensive and also booking cumbersome.

Contributing: Bart Jansen  


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